Success Stories

Success stories are important to give hope and inspiration to those who may be struggling with the same issues. LDA has gathered success stories and videos to help individuals with learning disabilities learn through the success of others. If you have a story to tell or know of someone who does, please email us at Enjoy our collection of inspiring success stories. You may comment at the end or share them with others!

Adults with LD: Annzie Hine Story

Meet Annzie! Annzie Hine has learned how to use Assistive Technology (AT) to her advantage. Watch as Annzie and her mother, Harriette Hines, share Annzie’s story of using AT to help her gain confidence and pursue her dream of writing. Video courtesy of and permission granted by AMAC.

Adult Success Stories

Get inspired by adults who overcame their learning disabilities to find happiness and success in their lives. Dan Spencer, USFWS biologist Dan Spencer shares how struggling with his disability brought him to where he is today. Dan had a love of the outdoors from a young age and his He shares his story of how he was able to use his love of the outdoors to his advantage to raise public awareness and reach as many learning disability affected individuals as possible. Dan’s blog chronicles his struggles and the positive outcomes in his life despite his learning disabilities. View Dan’s… Read More »

Educator Success Stories

Check out stories from educators who have made a difference teaching kids with learning disabilities. Learn of their struggles and their triumphs. If you have a story about a favorite educator and the impact they have had on a student please email us at Unlocking Potential through Assistive Technology Featured teacher: Jennifer Topple, The Howard School, Atlanta, GA Student: Colin Colin is a bright, verbal, gregarious 13-year-old who has struggled with reading since day one. His parents got him the best intervention available in Atlanta, and he worked intensively for almost four years in a high quality Orton-Gillingham school.… Read More »

To These Teachers, We Say THANKS!

In the spring of 2014, LDA began an “Honor Your Teacher” appeal.  We asked our friends to give thanks to all of the great teachers that have touch their children’s live or even their own and made a lasting impact.   Here are their special messages:   Kristin Malock, Washington Elementary School, Pennsylvania “Mrs. Malock made my daughter want to go to school every day! She was truly an inspiration in my child’s education!” — Mary-Clare Claire Richardson, Western Branch Middle School, Virginia “Claire has five of her own children and teaches SPED (children with LD). Her daughter Kaitlya just graduated… Read More »

Adults with LD: Evie Lindberg Story

Watch the success story of LDA member Evie Lindberg, a child with a learning disability who grew up to become an adult with a learning disability. Evie never gave up in school and with determination and help from her parents and teachers earned not only her bachelor degree but also her masters and doctorate while also a wife and mother. Evie is a true testimonial that you can attain success by never giving up! Evie is seen in the center of the photo to the right holding her diploma for her Doctorate of Education degree.

Advocacy: The Beauty of Being LD

You cannot begin to advocate for your child with a learning disability (LD), until you recognize how you define him. Advocating effectively begins with recognizing your child for his talents, his gifts, his unique attributes, rather than his deficits. This is my personal story of such and I hope it can help you. Two years ago, I presented a session at the LDA 49th International Conference entitled The Beauty of Being LD. The presentation itself consists of 8 Beatitudes I wrote outlining what I felt was beautiful about a child with a learning disability. I wanted others to understand that… Read More »

Early Intervention the Key to Success: A Mother’s Story

I had to chuckle when I received my son’s daily progress report a few years back. The PE teacher wrote, “Excellent Athlete”. Although that may not seem significant to most, it was a reminder of what the pediatrician told me 16 years ago when my son was 8 months old. He had diagnosed Brad with hypotonia, low upper body muscle tone. When I asked the doctor what does that mean long term, he said, “Well, he may not be able to walk and probably won’t be an Olympian!” If I had stopped there and given in to that prediction Brad… Read More »

College Success: Learning Despite Learning Disabilities

This is the story of how I graduated from college despite serious learning disabilities. Not only did I graduate, but I learned from my classes and made friends. Fortunately, my ability to think clearly and efficiently was not impaired by my handicaps-although they made academic achievement a challenge. My perceptual problems include my visual, auditory, and motor modalities. My difficulties involve sequencing, discrimination, and figure ground tasks. I also have a directional handicap and slight motor problems. It was hard for me to learn the information presented in my courses. Although my reading level was adequate, it seemed as if… Read More »