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Are you New to LD? Do you think your child may have a learning disability? Or could your problems with reading or understanding directions mean that you have a learning disability? Here is basic information about learning disabilities with tips for getting help and taking action. Links to LDA affiliates can help you make contacts in your state with people who understand your concerns. The bookstore is full of suggestions to continue your information journey.

New to LD

Group of people of various ages and ethnicitiesIf you are just learning that you or your child has a learning disability you may be confused and not know where to begin. It can be a daunting and complicated task. But don’t despair. LDA is here to help you understand this new diagnosis and lead you or your child to the right support systems.

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Types of Learning Disabilities

Student reading a book in classromLearning disabilities last for a lifetime and affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and adults across our country. Learning Disabilities are neurological disorders that can cause difficulty in reading, speaking, listening, writing, spelling, and social interaction. They are not emotional disturbances, intellectual disabilities, or vision or hearing impairments.

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State Affiliates & Local Chapters

us-map-smYou are not alone. LDA has state affiliates and/or local chapters in nearly every U.S. state and territory. Membership in LDA includes membership in your state affiliate and a local chapter, giving you access to an array of services and supports.

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