58th Annual international conference / february 18-21, 2021 / we are going virtual!

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It takes a group effort to have a voice loud enough and strong enough to make a difference.

By joining today, you will not only be part of a team, but a network and a family. Together we will ensure that individuals with learning disabilities are prepared to face the challenges of the future. For over 50 years, Learning Disabilities Association of America has proudly put this philosophy into practice.


“Our family became members of LDA because we needed help understanding our son’s strengths and learning disabilities. Through LDA we met other parents who could relate to our questions and concerns. It was hugely helpful to learn what other parents were doing to support their children and later their young adults. We also were exposed to numerous resources through the state conference and local parent support meetings. We were able to work as partners with the schools because of the advocacy education LDA provided. We are lifetime members.”

– Ann, parent, Missouri

“My membership in LDA means that I have access to international experts and current research on topics of interest to both me and my students. LDA gives educators a voice and being a LDA member connects me with top researchers worldwide and answers my questions about topics that concern me.”

– Jodi, University Professor, Pennsylvania

Join LDA or renew your membership to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the arena of learning disabilities, special education, and legislation at the state and federal level. Be in contact with a support system of local and state affiliate representatives who are parents, educators and professionals and understand the needs of the learning disabilities community.