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Cindy Cipoletti, Executive Director

Education:  B.A. & J.D. from Duquesne University

Area(s) of experience and expertise: Law, Child Advocacy, Social Services and Nonprofit Leadership.

Why LDA? As a parent, I understand how challenging and difficult it is watching your child struggle to learn. You know your child is smart, but yet the challenges to learning are there. You feel helpless, frustrated, and desperate for answers. LDA provides those answers, and helps all individuals with learning disabilities reach their full potential and succeed in school, in the workplace, and in their relationships.

Fun Fact: Proud owner of 2 pet ducks.

Phone: 412-341-1515, extension 206

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Aaron Goldstein, Director of Federal and State Engagement

Education:  B.A. in Political Science from American University & M.A. in Public Policy and Public Administration from Northwestern University

Area(s) of experience and expertise: Education Policy, Government Relations, Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Affiliate Relations

Why LDA? As a new parent and education advocate, I am passionate about ensuring that all children have access to adequate and equitable public schools that ensure academic, personal, and career success. 

Fun Fact: I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Go Cubs!

Phone: 412-341-1515, extension 203

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Lauren Clouser, Marketing and Development Coordinator

Education:  Education: B.A. in Multimedia from Point Park University

Area(s) of experience and expertise: Design, social media management, marketing, podcasting

Why LDA? I started at LDA as an intern, and got to see first hand all of the programs and resources that directly benefited educators, individuals with learning disabilities, and their families. I’m so excited to work for an organization that is successfully pushing for change and equity in education.

Fun Fact: I like to do all sorts of yarn and fiber crafts in my spare time!

Phone: 412-341-1515

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Tracy Gregoire, Director, Healthy Children Project

Education:  B.A. Bates College

Area(s) of experience and expertise: Advocacy, Policy, Organizing, and Education

Why LDA? I believe all children have a right to safe and healthy environments to live, learn, and play which is why I am an advocate for safe products, clean air and water.

Other relevant information: As a parent and advocate, I love working with children and adults, including volunteers from our incredible LDA affiliates and partner organizations across the US.

Fun fact:  My first job was running and teaching at an environmental center for grades K-12. 

Phone: 412-341-1515, extension 208

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Ericka Pardun, Technical and Membership Database Coordinator

Education:  B.A. from Mt. Mary University & MBA from American Intercontinental University.

Area(s) of experience and expertise: Technology management, marketing and online business management.

Why LDA? After watching several people I love struggle with undiagnosed learning disabilities and also working with a variety of online businesses that help individuals with learning disabilities, it’s a natural progression to go to the premier organization devoted helping support, educate and advocate for those with learning disabilities.

Fun Fact: Doesn’t like to be photographed.

Phone: 412-341-1515, extension 204

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