Adults with LD: Evie Lindberg Story

Kodak 050512 Evie 010[1]Watch the success story of LDA member Evie Lindberg, a child with a learning disability who grew up to become an adult with a learning disability. Evie never gave up in school and with determination and help from her parents and teachers earned not only her bachelor degree but also her masters and doctorate while also a wife and mother. Evie is a true testimonial that you can attain success by never giving up!

Evie is seen in the center of the photo to the right holding her diploma for her Doctorate of Education degree.

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  1. Bianca Mehlhorn says

    I absolutely loved watching your video. It is very inspiring and touching to see what you have overcome. Becoming a special education teacher I have found a love and passion like no other. This really touched my heart and I truly believe I am right where I need to be in life. That is helping kids overcome struggles and finding growth in themselves.
    Thank you for sharing this and expressing what you have overcome and your passions.

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