January Webinar: Why Will No One Play With Me? Helping Children of All Ages Make Friends and Thrive.

Presented by: Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., ACCG, PCC “Why Will No One Play with Me?” – a question parents fear having to answer, yet one that has become more prevalent with each generation. Whether you are the parent of a child with learning differences, social integration issues, one that is a victim of bullying or even the parent of a child navigating the seemingly simple process of growing up, there has never been a greater need for a go-to resource that provides parents with the tools to help their children navigate the challenges of social interactions. In this webinar, Caroline introduces audiences… Read More »

Core Principles: Best Practices in the Use of Cognitive Assessment in Learning Disability Identification

Cognitive assessment of students typically involves administering one or more standardized, norm-referenced tests but also involves recognition of the importance of multiple data sources; that is, cognitive assessment provides only one source of data to inform classification decisions, such as Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Intellectual Disability, and Gifted and Talented. Information gathered from cognitive assessment includes current levels of functioning in multiple cognitive domains such as accumulated knowledge, reasoning, working memory, and many others. In addition, cognitive assessment data provide insight into how a student learns and why he or she is struggling academically (e.g., Compton, Fuchs, Fuchs, Lambert, &… Read More »

In Memorium: Sharon Bloechle

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Sharon Bloechle, a long-time advocate and leader in LDA of America. Sharon grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, moved to Nebraska, met and married her husband Bob, and together they became parents of three children.  As a parent of a child with learning disabilities, she reached out to the Learning Disabilities Association for information. She joined LDA of Nebraska and soon became LDA State President. In the late 1980s as President of LDA of Nebraska, she attended the national conference and joined with other state presidents who made up the State Affiliates branch of national LDA.  Read More…

Get to Know LDA’s New Executive Director, Cindy Cipoletti!

LDA did an extensive search for a new Executive Director and Cindy Cipoletti was chosen among a very experienced field of nonprofit professionals. Beth McGaw, President of LDA, sat down with Cindy to learn more about her and gain her insights on the future of LDA…..Read More…

2020 LDA Conference Fundraiser Donation

LDA Legislative News – November 2019

LDA Joins Amicus on Supreme Court Case LDA has joined an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief with 19 other national disability and civil rights organizations in the case of Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue, which will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 2020.  The case revolves around a tax credit for contributions to “student scholarship organizations,” which in turn gave “scholarships” (vouchers) to families for use in private sectarian and non-sectarian schools.  LDA has a long history of keeping public funds for education in public schools, and this case could turn that principle… Read More »

Learning Disabilities Association Announces New Executive Director

The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is pleased to announce Cynthia Cipoletti, JD, has been named Executive Director of the nonprofit devoted to supporting, educating, and advocating for individuals affected by learning disabilities.

Cipoletti, an attorney, served as Executive Director of the Lighthouse Foundation, a nonprofit based in Butler, PA an outreach organization meeting the needs of impoverished individuals and families in northern Allegheny and Butler County for the past five years and Assistant Director for two years. Read More »

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Five: Stay Connected!

Week 5 is a bit bittersweet for us. We’ve enjoyed bringing you some great resources and interacting on our social media with all of you and we don’t want it to end. We’re excited that so many people out there realize that better awareness and understanding of learning disabilities is needed. #LDAworksforyou all year long but we are only as strong as our members. We ask that you take a couple minutes a day this week to stay connected with the LDA Network and finish your #31daysofLD strong!

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Four: Advocate!

Welcome to Week 4 of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. We hope you engaged with us and other LD Resources a bit more during week three and how #LDAWorksForYou! Are you still #withLDA?

This week is a week of advocacy – a week of advocating for those with learning disabilities. Imagine what we could accomplish with all our voices joining together #withLDA!

Myths Create Misunderstanding about Learning Disabilities

Poor diet, too much television, and kids “just being lazy” are not causes of learning disabilities, although one-third of the respondents in a recent study thought these were accurate.

During Learning Disabilities Awareness Month in October, the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is increasing its campaign to address some of the myths and misunderstandings about learning disabilities including dyslexia.Read More »

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Three: Engage!

Welcome to Week 3 of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. We hope you learned a bit more about learning disabilities during during week two and how #LDAWorksForYou! Are you still #withLDA?

This week is a week of action – a week of engaging. We want to see just how far small actions and engagements can take us!

Share YOUR Story with Us

All this month we’ve been sharing #SuccessStorySunday about people with LD succeeding.  Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes they’re about how we’ve overcome challenges. Other times they’re about facing adversity and not quite knowing what to do. Other times it’s just something we’ve done or faced that we just feel the urge to share with people. We want to hear YOUR LD story. How did you advocate for yourself (or a child)? How did you succeed in something? What’s YOUR Story? You don’t have to leave your name or your email, but if you do, we may contact you… Read More »

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Two: Learn!

Welcome to Week 2 of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. We hope you became at least a bit more connected with LDA during week one and for those of you who are completely new to us – we welcome you to our network! Are you still #withLDA?

This week we ask that you take 5-15 minutes each day to learn more about the causes and impacts of learning disabilities through some great #LDResources we have compiled for you this week.

LDA Legislative News – September 2019

Appeal Dismissed in COPAA v. DeVos On March 7, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled the  U.S. Department of Education engaged in “illegal delay of a legal regulation” related to significant disproportionality in special education.  That ruling was the result of a 2018 suit by the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) against the Department to enforce implementation of the 2016 regulation.  Now the Department of Justice has dismissed the Department of Education’s appeal of the March ruling, ending the Department’s attempts to delay or derail the regulation. After delaying the original Obama-era… Read More »

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week One: Connect and Network!

It’s the first week of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month! Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is working hard this month to shine the spotlight on learning disabilities. Our focus this week is on connecting and networking with both LDA and your peers – whether they are educators of children with learning disabilities, parents of children and adults with learning disabilities, adults with learning disabilities or professionals who serve those with learning disabilities. It’s important during this month to focus less on the disabilities aspect and focus more on the incredible abilities and achievements of those with Learning Disabilities – we hope you’ll join us!

Sam Kirk Educator of the Year Award – 2020 Nominations

Each year LDA of America selects an outstanding educator to receive the Sam Kirk Educator of the Year Award. This is an opportunity to give educators a well-deserved “thank you” and lets them know that they are greatly valued for their contributions to individuals with learning disabilities. The award is designed so that exceptional educators can be honored at the local, state and national levels. Procedures for Nominations The recipient of the Sam Kirk Educator of the Year Award must be “an educator who has made outstanding contributions to the education of persons with learning disabilities.” Members of the LDA… Read More »

Nominate Someone for the 2020 Harrison Sylvester Award!

This award honors and recognizes an adult with learning disabilities who has shown a strong dedication and commitment to advancing the issues of adults with learning disabilities. It is the wish of LDA to thank, in Harry Sylvester’s name, an adult with learning disabilities for his/her commitment to those living with learning disabilities. The Harrison Sylvester Award was created in 2010 to honor Harry Sylvester, a gentle but strong voice in the field of learning disabilities. Harry discovered in his mid 50’s, after struggling for most of life, that he was an adult with learning disabilities. With the knowledge of his… Read More »

President’s Message

In the President’s Message, Beth McGaw shares the Conference theme, the reasons you should attend, and looks ahead to keynote announcements!….Watch the Video…

Meet David Allsopp, one of our 2020 Conference Program Chairs

LDA is delighted to have David Allsopp, a professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning’s Exceptional Student Education program at the University of South Florida, and Marci Ridpath, a Disability Consultant/teacher at the NCAA as our Conference Program Co-Chairs. In this video, we interview David and he shares some of the excellent work they have accomplished, including securing great speakers and developing strands that ensure conference attendees can attend more of the sessions that are relevant to their needs….Watch the Video…

LDA Supports Actions to Address Bullying

By Myrna Mandlawitz, Director of Public Policy LDA has long recognized that children and youth with learning and other disabilities are at high risk for being bullied.  While there have only been 10 studies in the United States examining the connection between bullying and disability, all have reached the same conclusion:  children with disabilities are two to three times more likely to be the victims of bullying than nondisabled children.  For students with learning disabilities, bullying can heighten students’ anxiety and concerns about school, affecting academic performance and increasing school phobia, resulting in higher absenteeism and possibly higher rates of… Read More »

How to Navigate Moving to Another School District

Michelle Davis, a member of the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee and a Professional Advocate, shares her expertise in helping parents who have moved or are about to move to another district or state. If this impacts your children or your students, you will want to check out this interview….Watch the Video…

Helping Non-English Speaking Parents in the IEP Process: House Bill 424: A Vision Became a Reality

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Moving Beyond Math Phobia: A Strategy for Developing Conceptual Knowledge

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Go Back to School with Safer School Supplies

Proceed with caution when you buy back-to-school supplies.  Some school supplies have harmful chemicals in them that can impact children’s learning and brain development. Here are some tips for finding safer school supplies: Look for PVC-Free, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free and Fragrance-Free Supplies When possible, avoid purchasing anything with phthalates and PVC by avoiding any products with the word “vinyl” on them or Recycling Code 3 when purchasing school supplies, shoes, backpacks, etc. For example, buy canvas or cloth pencil holders instead of the plastic ones. Avoid colored paper clips because they may be coated with PVC.  Stick with the plain metal… Read More »

Nominating Committee Requests Recommendations for 2020-21 Officers and Board of Directors

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