Call to Action: Preserve Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act!

Contact your Congressional Representatives, State Legislators, and Governors NOW! Members and Friends of LDA, The House of Representatives is expected to introduce a bill to cut Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on February 27 and immediately to begin work on the bill in the House committee. The result would be two major blows to individuals with disabilities. Reach out to your federal and state legislators and the Governor’s office in your state and tell them that repealing the ACA and replacing it with a plan that CUTS Medicaid is unacceptable. People’s health, services, and lives are at stake! … Read More »

President’s Message

by Patricia Lillie, LDA of America President Early in February we received a message from LDA Policy Director, Myrna Mandlawitz; a message extremely relevant to the topic of this article – LDA Core Beliefs. Later, LDA as a member, received notice from the Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities, that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) web page, had disappeared from the Department of Education website, but contained a message that stated: Please note that in the U. S. the federal role in education is limited. Because of the Tenth Amendment, most educational policy is decided at the state and local levels.… Read More »

115th Congress Organizing for New Session

by Myrna, Mandlawitz, LDA Policy Director The 115th Congress began on January 1, 2017.   Generally when a new Congress is seated, especially after a presidential election and change in Administration, they do not get to work until after the inauguration.  This Congress changed that practice and began work immediately.  Part of that process is selection of committee chairmen and ranking members, and that activity is well under way. LDA encourages its members to be active in developing relationships with their representatives and senators, especially when those individuals hold key position in the Congress.  The organization closely follows the activities of… Read More »

A Tribute to Dr. Jean Lokerson

by Mary-Clare Reynolds, LDA Executive Director Dr. Jean Lokerson, a true pioneer in the LDA family and a long time volunteer at both the state (Virginia) and national levels of LDA passed away in November. She served on the Professional Advisory Board, Board of Directors and Executive Committee. In addition to these elected positions, Jean served on numerous committees over many years including Bylaws/Policy, Education and Public Policy. Her longest serving committee role was with the annual conference Program Committee, which she chaired in 1992 and 2007. She instituted the ever popular ‘Table Talk for Teachers’ sessions in 1989, and… Read More »

LDA’s New Alliance with the Job Accommodation Network

by Patti White, Adult Topics Committee In September 2016, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) and the Learning Disabilities Association of American (LDA) established a collaborative relationship to promote the employment of people with disabilities through inclusive work practices.  This collaborative alliance will conduct outreach, education, and technical assistance activities that promote reasonable accommodation and retention of individuals with disabilities. More specifically, JAN and LDA agreed to work together to carry out four (4) activities: Collaborate on the planning and promotion of best practices, including but not limited to blog articles, FAQ documents and Skype videos. Promote and disseminate information on… Read More »

LDA Officers and Directors Elected

The following officers and directors were elected by the Assembly of Delegates during their Annual Meeting on Friday, February 17, 2017, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Patricia M. Lillie, LDA President, will continue in the second year of her two-year term. 1st Vice President: 1-year term, 2017-2018 Beth McGaw, Texas Beth McGaw became an outspoken advocate for children with learning disabilities after her youngest son was diagnosed at an early age. She has served the LDA Georgia state chapter as vice president and was voted Volunteer of the Year in 2009. Although Beth started her career… Read More »

Healthy Children Project: Calling on dollar stores to sell safe products

by Maureen Swanson and Tracy Gregoire We believe all families have a right to affordable and safe products. That is why the LDA is proud to be a member of the Campaign for Healthier Solutions asking dollar stores to remove harmful chemicals in their products. Discount retail stores (commonly known as “dollar stores”) operate over 24,000 stores nationally, more than Walmart. In many communities, dollar stores may be the only source of products and food. Sadly, testing of over 150 dollar store products found dangerous chemicals in 81% of the products tested. Many toxic chemicals – including the lead found in… Read More »

Success in the Workplace for Women with Learning Disabilities

by Julia Frost, Chairman, Adult Topics Committee The Adult Topics Committee again designed a workshop for the national conference that proved to be of interest to many in our organization. “Success in the Workplace for Women with LD” was held on Friday, February 17th at the conference in Baltimore. As a result of our recent alliance with Job Accommodation Network (JAN), Anne Hirsh, JAN’s Co-director, moderated the panel. Panelists were all women with learning disabilities who have experienced success in the workplace. They were: (from left to right in the picture below. Anne is on the far right.) Melanie Whetzel,… Read More »

National Center for Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities Association of America Call on DeVos to Divest in ADHD Company, Citing Harmful Conflict of Interest

MEDIA CONTACTS: Marcia Griffith- Pauyo with NCLD: (646) 616-1210, Myrna Mandlawitz with LDA: (202) 686-1637, National Center for Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities Association of America Call on DeVos to Divest in ADHD Company, Citing Harmful Conflict of Interest Washington, DC (January 30, 2017) – The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) and the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) are calling on U.S. Secretary of Education nominee, Betsy DeVos, to immediately withdraw her significant financial holdings in Neurocore to avoid a conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety. Neurocore is a company that claims – without any rigorous research… Read More »

LDA Legislative News – January 2017

DeVos Nomination Slows, Still on Track The Committee confirmation vote on Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos is now scheduled for January 31. While critics of her nomination continue to fight, a week’s delay beyond the original date for a vote should not necessarily be interpreted to mean her confirmation is in jeopardy. In fact the delay was most likely provided to allow Committee members to review extensive financial disclosures released since the public hearing on DeVos’s nomination earlier this month. In response to a request for a second hearing for DeVos from Democratic members of the Senate Health, Education,… Read More »

Executive Function and the Reading Brain Keynote

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary-Clare Reynolds, LDA Executive Director, 412.341.1515, ext. 206 Executive Function and the Reading Brain Keynote Learning Disabilities Conference in Baltimore, Feb. 16-19 Pittsburgh, PA (January 24, 2017) – Leading researchers in two primary areas of importance to educators, professionals, parents, and individuals with learning disabilities will bring their findings and knowledge to the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s (LDA) 54th Annual International Conference on February 16-19 at the Baltimore (MD) Marriott Waterfront. “Executive Function: A Foundation for Learning and Adaptation” will be addressed on Friday, Feb. 17, by Philip Zelazo, Ph.D., the Nancy M. and John E. Lindahl Professor… Read More »

Assistive Technology. Discover the solutions to help you succeed.

Say hello to the technology that will make studying, learning, and working a lot easier. Study, learn, and work in your own way. When it comes to education and employment, information is often presented in challenging ways. Fortunately, there are countless amazing technology products designed to help you access information. The right technology. How to get started. Assistive Technology programs can: Demonstrate AT Software  and equipment. Make recommendations for hardware, software and resources. Create strategies for cost-effective implementation. Conduct training on AT equipment and software. Assist with finding technology funding resources. Explore the Possibilities Below! Download this Information in our… Read More »

What Employers Should Know About Learning Disabilities

What is a learning disability? A learning disability (LD) is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to process information. Every person with a learning disability is unique and has a different combination and degree of difficulties. These difficulties are manifested in the acquisition and use of one or more of the following areas of processing information: listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities. Learning disabilities occur irrespective of race, culture or class. People with LD possess average or above average intelligence levels, and often have varying areas of ability, or “a weakness within a sea of strengths.” They… Read More »

How College Students with LD Can Self-Advocate

What is self-advocacy? Self-advocacy is the act of representing yourself and your interests by speaking up for yourself. It means explaining your learning disability to others, and telling them how you use your strengths and accommodations to succeed. To be an effective self-advocate, you must: Know and act for yourself by first understanding your disability, strengths, and needs. Know what is best for you and tell your school’s disability services office what you need to accommodate your learning disability. Know how to get what you need. You can first role-play giving a description of your needs with someone you feel… Read More »

Leading Authority Edward Hallowell, M.D. Keynotes Conference on Learning Disabilities Feb. 16-19 in Baltimore

One in five children struggle with learning disabilities (LD) and attention issues. The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), founded in 1963, is uniquely qualified to assist individuals with LD and their support systems in finding solutions to maximize potential across the lifespan. LDA’s 54th Annual International Conference on February 16-19 at the Baltimore (MD) Marriott Waterfront is a comprehensive resource for parents, educators, adults with LD, and professionals. Read more…

LDA Legislative News – December 2016

Congress Punts on Appropriations For the past several years Congress has failed to complete the appropriations process on time. The appropriations process involves setting spending for the federal fiscal year.  With the federal fiscal year beginning on October 1, Congress must establish spending for all federal programs and activities by September 30 or risk a government shutdown.   To avoid a shutdown, Congress passed a short-term bill known as a Continuing Resolution (CR) which expired on December 9, but now they have delayed final spending decisions for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017) until the end of April. With the Republican party… Read More »

Testing Accommodations for ADHD: Evidence that the Status Quo is Ineffective

Here at LDA, we’re very proud of our quarterly journal, Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal. The following is an excerpt from a study published in our most recent issue. Access to the entire article is free through December 20th and can be found by clicking here. If you’d like more information about the Journal, please head over to Sagamore Publishing for more information. By: Alison Pritchard, Ph.D., ABPP ADHD is the most common psychiatric condition of childhood, with prevalence estimated at 1 in 11 American youth (Pastor et al., 2015). Students with ADHD present an enormous concern for educational policy-makers,… Read More »

President’s Message

by Patricia Lillie, LDA of America President Rumor has it that the Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), is just around the corner.  IDEA is supposed to be revised every 5 years but the last reauthorization of IDEA was in 2004, twelve years ago.  While the reauthorization is long overdue, it is exciting to think that 2017 may actually be the year when Congress decides to consider the IDEA.  The first step will be for the House and Senate education committees to develop draft bills and possibly hold a series of hearings to get input from an array of stakeholders. In the… Read More »

Getting Ready for a New Administration

As a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, LDA cannot engage in partisan political activity.  In fact, LDA members represent a spectrum of political views and personally support candidates espousing a wide variety of political positions. That said, LDA members have one unifying issue that crosses party lines, best stated by LDA’s vision and mission: LDA visualizes a world in which all individuals with learning disabilities are empowered to thrive and participate fully in society; the incidence of learning disabilities is reduced; and learning disabilities are universally understood and effectively addressed. LDA’s mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals… Read More »

The Holidays are Coming!

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift for a special teacher, administrator, family member, colleague, or friend? Give them the gift that will be remembered and appreciated for the next 12 months! Honor that special individual with a gift of membership in LDA. Each recipient of a gift of membership will receive a letter of welcome to LDA and acknowledgement of the generous gift and name of donor.  Don’t delay! Order your gift today! Return to LDA Today, Vol.3 No.6- Home Page

New Research on Educational Options after High School

Earning a high school diploma is cconsidered one of life’s great milestones and certainly something to celebrate.  It is the end of one academic chapter and for some the beginning of another.  The thought of having a child continue on to college breathes new life into parents’ dreams for their son or daughter.  Many high-school graduates plan to pursue a higher education, and most do.  Unfortunately, however, the majority will not earn a degree.  This is oftentimes due to the lack of information needed for students to successfully plan their future endeavors (Rosenbaum, Stephan & Rosenbaum, 2010). The responsibility for… Read More »

Candidates for 2017-2020 LDA Officers and Board Members

The LDA Nominating Committee is pleased to introduce the candidates who will be placed in nomination at the Assembly of Delegates during the Annual Meeting, February 17, 2017, in Baltimore, Maryland. The Committee worked diligently to select candidates who bring a variety of skills and experience to their respective positions and to the Board of Directors of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Patricia Lillie, North Carolina, will serve her second year as President, and Allan Broyles, Georgia, will remain on the Executive Committee as Past President. Additional information on the candidates will be available in the next issue of… Read More »

54th Annual LDA International Conference in Baltimore

 Make your plans now to join LDA February16 – 19, 2017, in Baltimore for four days of learning, networking and fun.  The beautiful Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel is the site for all our conference activities. LDA Program Chairs Jennifer Harkins and Loreena Parks, have worked with their terrific Program Committee and the LDA Committees to provide a stunning group of keynote speakers and 150 sessions that address issues from early childhood through adult transition to the world of work.  LDA of Maryland President, Judy Lantz, and the gracious group of Maryland volunteers have worked all year with national LDA to… Read More »

With Your Help, LDA Makes It Possible! Educate! Advocate! Support!

by Stephanie Fedro-Byrom, Operations Manager, LDA of America WE NEED YOUR HELP!  LDA’s 54th Annual International Conference in Baltimore, Maryland will be here before we know it! We are asking the leadership, supporters, and friends of LDA to help make this year’s Silent Auction our best ever! We are working hard to attract the audience we are bringing to the conference in Baltimore, so let’s give them an awesome Auction! The Silent Auction during our 54th Annual Conference is one of our biggest fundraisers. We are grateful for any donation you can are able to make. Gift cards and cash donations… Read More »

Iowa State University’s Bacon Expo 2016

by: Vicki Goshon, LDA Board of Directors For the past three years Iowa State University has designed and hosted a family-friendly event called the “Bacon Expo”. The theme that was chosen this year was “Ba-con (noun) pure happiness”, which was modeled after a dictionary definition and compliments Bacon Expo’s goals to educate the public on swine production and Iowa’s Pork Industry. The Bacon Expo’s Education Committee supports organizations whose philanthropic efforts reach many. This year the Learning Disabilities Association of America was chosen by the Iowa State University’s Bacon Expo as their charity of choice. A portion of the proceeds… Read More »