Information for International Presenters and Attendees

Certain countries require participants to obtain a visa when attending a conference and may also request a letter from the LDA Conference organisers to verify a participant’s invitation and/or attendance at the event. Some embassies may need to verify that registration fees have been paid in full and may require applicants to appear in person for an interview, causing delays in the application process.

Applicants affected by these procedures are informed that additional screening is needed. Therefore, attendees should apply for a visa no later than three months prior to the conference, but preferably earlier.

If requested, LDA can provide conference participants with a visa assistance letter in the form of a support letter to verify their intent to present and/or attend our conference. If needed, please request as soon as possible.

LDA’s guidelines for providing visa support letters are as follows:

Visa letters are only issued to:

  • Speakers/presenters
  • Committee members
  • Attendees who are not from one of the countries embargoed by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Exhibitors who have paid their exhibitor/patron package fee in full

If you meet the criteria above and wish to receive a visa invitation letter, please complete the Visa Request Form below:

Additional information can be found on the following websites:

For questions or more information regarding attending LDA’s Conference as an international attendee, please email

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