High School Equivalency Exams Final

High School Equivalency Exams Final

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  1. I need help, feeling so held back, I want my high school diploma, so bad, so I can go forward in my life, they need to give us a chance, I have add and a learning disability, I am 43 years old and I need help making my dreams possible, Staten island ny

  2. back in 1972 I took high school classes @ balto,co library on taylor ave,recieved and passed,paper stating high school eqivalency,previous employer took to make a copy and did not put back i folder,nor could they find it ? board of education on copy of replacement and they heard about that from many callers,how ever balto co libriary said back then were no computors and they did not keep records for that long,Ido not think I should have to take algebra ,nor would I need it for my career,have to take a test for it to earn ged please can you help me with this?

    • LDA of America says

      Your state’s Department of Education (303-866-6600) should have a copy of your high school equivalency achievement, or you could try contacting the Colorado High School Equivalency Testing office at https://www.cde.state.co.us/postsecondary/hse Colorado offers classes in all three types of high school equivalency diplomas (GED, HiSET, and TASC), so if you have to take one of these tests, you can request testing accommodations if you have current documentation of your learning disability. Those accommodations requests are made with the individual testing entity, and there are links to each of them at https://www.cde.state.co.us/postsecondary/hse_accommodations

  3. I need resources for Toutering ,they have everything for children but nothing for adults wi tutoring for adults could u please help me I’m in New York

  4. Ardellar Walker says

    Myname is ardellar and ihave ahard timereader it make mefeelout ofplace iam 65yearold iwant to get myGeD so can help my 11grandchild and 3greatgrand iwant to help all of themplease me before iturn 66yearoldease thank so much you will make me so happy thatwillcry thank you a againt this will makefeel like ibelong here pleasehelp God bless amen

    • Ardellar Walker says

      I need help so i can get agood job so ican buy me myown suvso ican get around so i can seeallof mychild and just out a d find agood paying job pleasehelp mepleasehelp please thankyouagainst iwant to get this so bad that it hurt me thank

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