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A listing of websites and publications that will guide you to information on LD/ADHD, teaching, professionals in the field, disability rights and advocacy, and government agencies and resource centers.

LDMJ Cover_webLD Journal

LDA’s technical publication oriented toward professionals in the field of learning disabilities. The journal is a vehicle for disseminating the most current thinking on learning disabilities and to provide information on research, practice, theory, issues, and trends regarding learning disabilities from the perspectives of varied disciplines involved in broadening the understanding of learning disabilities.

when-pre-schoolers-are-not-on-target-in-their-developmentGuides & Booklets

Informational booklets available online or for download. Some are also available free as printed copies from the publisher and many are also available in Spanish.

teacher-students-libraryResources on Teaching & Learning

The resources listed provide a selection of websites with the latest information on teaching and learning.

Young students gathered around a computerLearning Disabilities/ADHD Information Resources

A select listing of organizations that offer reliable information about learning disabilities and ADHD for parents, educators, adults and professionals.

Small group of professionals meeting in a libraryProfessional Organizations

Explore a list of select professional organizations listed in alphabetical order that also offer valuable information about learning disabilities and ADHD.

State Resources

A listing of disability-related resources in each state.

Couple doing research on a tablet computerDisability Rights and Advocacy

A select listing of web sites offering information on disability rights and legal issues.

United States CapitalGovernment Agencies and Resource Centers

A select listing of government agencies and centers offering information about learning disabilities and ADHD for parents, educators, adults and professionals.

Little girl looking through a magnifying glass.Research