Meet our Members, Meet Mitch Beres

Tell us about yourself!

I am a retired business executive and am currently the President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Virginia. I went to college at SUNY Cortland NY and received my Masters from the NY Institute of Technology. I am married and have three children.  The younger two have learning disabilities. Thus, my experience and any expertise are that of a parent.

Why did you become an LDA Member?

When my two younger children were in grammar school, we started to notice certain difficulties in learning. The school provided a little insight but no real answers. My wife, who studied journalism, is an avid researcher. There really is not anything she will not investigate. In her endeavors she learned about and joined LDA and began to utilize them for knowledge, ideas, recommendations and essentially how to manage our way through this process. 

LDA provided an immense amount of information that we utilized.  My wife’s efforts, along with LDA’s information helped to set the course we would follow, leaving no stone unturned. As a result, the two younger children were able to graduate from Hofstra University. As a result, in a way of giving back, I am now a volunteer and President of LDA of Virginia.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I love to cook.  I first learned to do basic cooking as a teenager.  My mother worked and she would have us start dinner as she came home from work. This developed into doing the cooking for my roommates in junior and senior year in college. Overtime I developed a joy for cooking and loved trying new and different dishes. This has grown into trying all different national cuisines. My wife is the perfect partner. As noted above, she is an avid researcher and would even read a cookbook. She finds many different opportunities across the spectrum; we discuss it and then I give it a whirl. We love the variety and as luck would have it our children have also developed quite the palate.