Tell us about yourself!

My name is Keitha Ava Marie Osborne. I am a passionate and committed educator with over 30 years of experience in the educational system. I have a keen interest in all aspects of students’ development with a particular focus on children with special needs and the use of technological resources that support the inclusion of all students. My aim is positively contribute to the training and empowerment of not just future educators, but also parents and other stakeholders to be able to embrace, engage in and foster inclusion at all levels for students with varied abilities.

I am currently serving as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Special Education at The Mico University College. I have worked in the USA as a media specialist, reading coach, and family and consumer teacher. It was while teaching in the USA my interest in special education began, and I attended Fayetteville State University where I did some courses at the master’s level in Special Education K-12 (Specific Learning Disabilities). 

I hold an MSc in  Educational Media and an Ed.D in Special Education from Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida. I also have a Dip. Ed in Technical Teacher Education and a B.Ed in Home Economics from the University of Technology, Jamaica.

I have co-authored a book chapter entitled, Educators Coming Together to Empower Learners, Families, and Teachers in Developing Culturally Responsive/Sustaining Postsecondary Transition Plans During COVID-19. 

What’s a fun fact about you?

I enjoy traveling and shopping. I am a bargain and coupon shopper. I enjoy smiling and listening to the rain.

Why did you become a member of LDA?

I have been a LDA member for three main reasons:

I was diagnosed as having a specific learning disability, so I wanted to learn more about this condition.

I wrote and taught a 45-hour course on teaching students with learning disabilities, so I ensured I was aligned with the latest resources in this area.

Lastly, I want to do more in the area of advocating for persons with learning disabilities (LD) as individuals with LD have average or above-average intelligence so most times these students are misunderstood.