Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal

LDA's technical publication oriented toward professionals in the field of learning disabilities. The journal is a vehicle for disseminating the most current thinking on learning disabilities and to provide information on research, practice, theory, issues, and trends regarding learning disabilities from the perspectives of varied disciplines involved in broadening the understanding of learning disabilities.

The disciplines represented in the journal include adults, advocacy, assessment, college programs, cultural differences, early childhood, public and private education, families, higher and adult education, law, mental health, public policy, research, science, social and emotional issues, social work, technology, and vocational and career education.

Manuscripts submitted should be data based; however, in some cases papers that discuss timely issues and trends may be appropriate

Editor: Robin Church, Ed.D.

homepageImage_en_USThe current issue (Vol. 20, No. 2) of Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal includes these articles:

  • Critical Issues in Response-to-Intervention, Comprehensive Evaluation, and Specific Learning Disabilities Identification and Intervention: An Expert White Paper Consensus LDA Expert Panel
  • Screening to Assign Accommodations: Using Data to Make Decisions  
    Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller, Lindy Crawford,, Jacqueline N. Huscroft-D'Angelo
  • Comparing the Impact of Rates of Text-to-Speech Software on Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Adults With Reading Difficulties Mari Beth Coleman, Laura K. Kildare, Sherry Mee Bell, Amanda M. Carter
  • Movement Difficulties Affect Children's Learning: An Overview of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)  Priscila Caçola
  • Time-Based Versus Task-Based Contingencies: Which is More Effective for Independent Academic Assignments for Students With Learning Disabilities?  Youjia Hua, David L. Lee, Sam Stansbery, James K. McAfee

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