Nancie Payne, LDA President
Nancie Payne, LDA President

I have been a member of LDA of America since the late 1980’s.  My very first exposure to the organization was the opportunity to attend an Annual International LDA Conference.  That conference literally changed my life.  I was able to interact with top researchers in the field of learning disabilities as well as teachers, parents, families, adults with learning disabilities, and those who serve them.  That first conference made a profound, fundamental imprint on my life, both personally and professionally.  For the past 52 years, LDA of America has been convening one of the most dynamic opportunities to which I have ever been exposed and this year was no exception.  While outside there was definitely a winter chill, inside the conference there was a great warmth and constant sharing of knowledge from all who participated.  

Certainly, the mission of LDA of America was at the heart of the conference:

  • Create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities
  • Reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations

The conference continued to create a universal shared vision, that:

  • All individuals with learning disabilities are empowered to thrive and participate fully in society
  • The incidence of learning disabilities is reduced
  • Learning disabilities are universally understood and effectively addressed

I want to thank the all-volunteer Conference Committee, Program Committee, the State Affiliate LDA of Illinois, and the LDA of America staff.  Without the dedication and true insight of these committed individuals, the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned and shared would not have been realized. 

Your LDA of America Board of Directors met three times throughout the conference; I can assure you, impact and progression were words that framed each meeting.  Before I share about the progress of the planning process I would like to take this time to welcome the following new board members:

  • Donna Brigham, Tennessee,
  • Esperanza Chandler, currently living in Honduras
  • Jennifer Harkins, Connecticut
  • Sylvia Youngblood, California
  • Kristina Scott, State President, LDA New Hampshire, State Presidents’ Representative
  • Patricia Lillie, North Carolina, appointed

Your new Executive Committee is:

  • Allen Broyles, 1st Vice President
  • Jo Anna Barnes, 2nd Vice President
  • Evie Lindberg, Secretary
  • Myrna Soule, Treasurer
  • Patricia Latham, Immediate Past President
  • Robert Broudo, Board Liaison

I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those board members who have served this past year and are going off the board:

  • Ed Schlitt, 1st Vice President
  • Sandra Britt, 2nd Vice President
  • Jonathan Jones, Treasurer
  • Suzanne Fornaro, Board Member
  • Joan Teach, State President’s Representative

In my last message I shared that the LDA Board of Directors would finalize a goal-oriented planning process that has been germinating throughout the past year.  The internal generative goal of the Board of Directors is sustainability and growth for the organization.  The following statements articulate the board of directors’ agreement that by the year 2020 LDA:

  • Is a strong organization through state and local affiliates and memberships
  • Is well funded
  • Has a successful marketing plan
  • Provides teacher training
  • Operates on a business model that is effective and efficient

Each of these five generative, long-range goals have several one-year goals as steps to accomplishing the forward thinking that is needed to remain viable. These will be available to the membership in the Annual Plan which will be published soon. 

My last comments can be summed up with this thought:  Your Board of Directors is moving forward, not with a status quo mind set, but with an innovative mind set.  Innovation involves persistence and courage; innovation comes from part inspiration and part perspiration.  Your Board of Directors has both. We welcome your input and participation this next year as we continue to advance toward 2020.


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