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Every First Lady of the United States of America is unique and special. For the Learning Disabilities Association of America, First Lady Barbara Bush, wife of President George H.W. Bush, held a very special place in our hearts. We celebrate her life and we mourn her passing. While in the White House, Mrs. Bush’s special project was literacy. During her time there, the LDA Education Committee was writing a booklet, reaching out to adult literacy providers across the nation, who were volunteering to teach adults that were struggling to learn how to read; many of whom most likely had undiagnosed learning disabilities/dyslexia.

LaNelle Gallagher, then President of LDA and who lived in Texas, reached out to Mrs. Bush, asking if she would please write a short cover letter for our booklet, A Learning Disabilities Digest for Literacy Providers. Mrs. Bush graciously responded, sending the requested message, along with her picture. Sharing her own personal connection with learning disabilities and dyslexia, was undoubtedly meaningful and poignant for many parents, adults with literacy problems and literacy providers.

We continue to be grateful to Mrs. Bush and her support of the literacy movement and for the thousands of individuals whose lives were changed by receiving instruction and finally learning how to read. We send our condolences to her family and friends and will always remember her life that was very well lived.

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