[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] The Learning Disabilities Association of America’s (LDA) presented the 2023 Harrison Sylvester Award to Denise Brodey, a learning disabilities advocate and journalist. The award recognizes an adult with learning disabilities who has shown a strong dedication and commitment to supporting  adults with learning disabilities. 

“Denise Brodey is a passionate journalist with a candid and clear-eyed view of being ADHD and dyslexic as an adult in the workplace…We are excited to select her for this award,” LDA Adult Topic Committee Chair Joan Teach said.  

Brodey is the founder of Rebel Talent, an organization that provides support to individuals with ADHD and/or learning disabilities that are struggling in the workplace. Brodey has helped thousands to get jobs, ask for accommodations, and thrive. Brodey is also an author, keynote speaker, and senior contributor to Forbes, where she focuses on writing about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and works to destigmatize neurodivergence through the lens of lived experience. Brodey is also a regular contributor to Remedy Health Media.

“I am incredibly grateful for this recognition. As a woman with learning disabilities who is also ADHD, I know how difficult it is to explain how people like me experience work and life,” Brodey said. “My job as a business journalist, and now as a business consultant, is to make invisible disabilities visible. I try to do it with humor and compassion and positivity—and of course, facts—because that’s what the workplace needs now. I love every minute of it, but most of all, I love hearing that I have made an impact and allowed people to do their best work.”

Brodey will be presented with the LDA Award at LDA’s 60th Annual International Conference in February at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.