Professionals Who Can Help

There are many trained professionals available to help individuals with learning disabilities. Researching what each specialist can do to improve the issues that you or your child may be dealing with is important. Choosing the right one that best fits the needs of the individual can save time and money. Also, know that you may not have to see every specialist at once.  Trying to work on one or two issues at a time depending on the severity of the issue can help prevent burnout and still help address each issue over time. Listed are a few of the professionals and what they can do to help.


Provide assessments and exercises to measure and improve hearing ability

Educational Consultant

Furnish educational evaluations and school support

Educational Therapist

Design and implement learning and behavior programs

Learning Disabilities Specialist

A teacher with specific training and credentials to provide educational services to students with learning disabilities and their teachers


A medical doctor who looks for possible damage to brain functions


Integrates psychological observations of behavior and the mind with neurological observations of the brain and nervous system

Occupational Therapist

Evaluate and treat motor and sensory functions related to performing daily tasks


A medical doctor who provides services to infants, children and adolescents


A medical doctor who diagnoses and treats severe behavioral and emotional conditions and may prescribe medications

Clinical Psychologist

Provides psychological and intellectual assessment and treatment regarding mental and emotional health

School/Educational Psychologist

Administers psychological and educational assessments and may participate in behavior management, counseling and consultations

Speech-Language Therapist

Evaluates and treats speech and language disorders.

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