2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Five: Stay Connected!

Week 5 is a bit bittersweet for us. We’ve enjoyed bringing you some great resources and interacting on our social media with all of you and we don’t want it to end. We’re excited that so many people out there realize that better awareness and understanding of learning disabilities is needed. #LDAworksforyou all year long but we are only as strong as our members. We ask that you take a couple minutes a day this week to stay connected with the LDA Network and finish your #31daysofLD strong!

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Two: Learn!

Welcome to Week 2 of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. We hope you became at least a bit more connected with LDA during week one and for those of you who are completely new to us – we welcome you to our network! Are you still #withLDA?

This week we ask that you take 5-15 minutes each day to learn more about the causes and impacts of learning disabilities through some great #LDResources we have compiled for you this week.

2019 LD Awareness Month – Week One: Connect and Network!

It’s the first week of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month! Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is working hard this month to shine the spotlight on learning disabilities. Our focus this week is on connecting and networking with both LDA and your peers – whether they are educators of children with learning disabilities, parents of children and adults with learning disabilities, adults with learning disabilities or professionals who serve those with learning disabilities. It’s important during this month to focus less on the disabilities aspect and focus more on the incredible abilities and achievements of those with Learning Disabilities – we hope you’ll join us!