Where can I go for low cost or free evaluation services?

Nancie Payne, Ph.D.

Nancie Payne, Ph.D.



I am an adult with learning disabilities. Where can I go for low cost or free evaluation services?


Thank you for contacting the Learning Disabilities Association of America with your question.

Here is a link to an information page about individuals who have LD and need diagnosis, but are searching for low cost evaluation services. There is a section on TANF recipients which includes other state aid opportunities.

Another option is to see if you qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation Services. If you are considering training or education toward a career or are looking for a job and are having difficulty due to a disability, your state’s department of vocational rehabilitation services may support you. The information sheet also speaks to accessing that service.

Finally, if there is an LDA state affiliate or contact in your state, they frequently have resources and information for their state and local areas. Click here to find LDA contacts throughout the United States.

Find out even more about this topic here.

Nancie Payne, Ph.D. | President/CEO | Payne & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Payne is the President/CEO of Payne & Associates, Inc. She provides education, training and employment services and supports to adolescents and adults who have cognitive, non-apparent disabilities. She, also, provides professional development and consultation to businesses and organizations. Currently, Dr. Payne is serving as President of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, 2014-16.

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  1. Monique Lloyd says

    My name is Monique Lloyd. I have completed my undergraduate degree and Masters with the diagnosis with dyslexia a dysgraphia. Since it has been about 14 years now the school does not record of my diagnosis. They claim they do not keep those records for more than 3 years. I was diagnosed at My San Antonio College in CA. Since I am returned a new university to obtain my teaching credential and M.ED degree in Special Education. I am required to take a state board exam or possibly have accommodations/ the cam waived due to my disability along with the many years of teaching. I have called your company three times. I have not received a call back. I need help . I have very little finances, I can afford a doctor to rediagnose me. I know that I can succeed with the correct guidance.

  2. robert weitbrecht says

    Hello im A 32 year old male and i have Adhd and dislexia im trying to see what is the the best option to get paperwork to show i have a learning disability to give to my job so they knw what i struggle with and how they can help me thanks

  3. i was in all ESE classes all thru 3 grade to 12 i have my high school school diploma in 98 i try going to
    cummunity collage but could not pass testing to take classes , i went to voc rehab when i was 24 and they tested me and said i do not have a learning disablity the women was rude to me and said you just need to study more, i just gave up and just thought i am dumb , i want to go to beacon collage i never knew about it when i was young but i the need a psychological evaluation to prove i have a learning disability i call some private doctors and they want at least 36000 to test for learning disability , is there any where in florida where i can get help, i always wanted to go to collage

    • LDA of America says

      There’s information about learning disability evaluations at https://ldaamerica.org/adult-learning-disability-assessment-process/. The information includes what an assessment entails, who can do the assessment and how to find affordable resources for testing, and questions to ask the evaluator before testing begins. Pay special attention to the resources listed. You may be able to find affordable testing at your local mental health clinic or your local Vocational Rehabilitation Services office. If neither of those are able to help, they may be able to refer you to someone local who can do an affordable assessment. Sometimes a college or university with a graduate program in psychology will do LD assessments on a sliding scale, so that’s another place to check.

  4. Molly Robinson says

    Is it possible to receive a free or low-cost evaluation for an LD (specifically ADHD) and be closer to receiving learning aids from a community college? My fiance has struggled with math and schooling, in general, all her life but it’s come to a point where she’s in tears every single day from the frustration of failing in math specifically. She gets insurance through her mother, but her mother doesn’t seem to think she needs assistance or is too embarrassed of the idea of having a learning disabled daughter that she will prevent us from using her insurance to get her an evaluation. I want to know where I can go to get her a lower cost evaluation so she will qualify for learing assistance.

    • LDA of America says

      Many colleges or universities that have a graduate program in School Psychology will complete diagnostic testing at a sliding scale or discount rate. I suggest contacting your local 4-year universities for this. Another place to check would be the Vocational Rehabilitation office to see if it will provide the diagnostic testing. Local mental health clinics sometimes provide the testing on a sliding scale. You can search for a clinic near you at https://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/ Also, you may want to ask your family doctor if he or she can diagnose AD/HD. Some of them can and will do that, and it may give you an idea of whether or not to also look for an LD evaluation. Whoever you consider for completing an LD or AD/HD assessment, you should review the questions to ask that person on the LDA website at https://ldaamerica.org/adult-learning-disability-assessment-process/

  5. My 8 year old son has specific learning disorder in reading, writing, and math and is failing every class. The doctor also thinks he may ADHD but without the hyperactivity. The school recognizes the ADHD said their finding don’t indicate that. My school is poor and I think they just don’t have the tools to help him or the money, so they’re trying to get out of it. They are the ones that said to take him to the doctor because he needed a perscription before they could help him. I have spent $500 out of my pocket for dr. appts and tutoring that I had to fight for because they didn’t tell me they paid for (tutoring) I had to find it out on my own. Please help me!!!

    • NANCY STOEBER says

      I understand your plea…my kid has same issues. We just had my kid tested. ADHD is often misdiagnosed for Auditory processing so if they can’t process what they hear they lose interest! You should ask for a IEE Independent Educational Evaluation, after school tests him. I can give you the name of some people. Dyslexia is very common we also do private tutoring Using a Barton tutor. You could potentially tutor him using the Barton Reading & Spelling program which has great reviews you should go on Susan Bartons sight.Bright Solutions for Dyslexia….huge here in Bay Area…not cheap but cheaper then hiring a tutor! All the Best!

  6. Kim Ackerman says

    I have a learning disabilable since birth and have struggled through my life. From grade school and high schools getting D and F In the 60s. I wanting to go to college and can’t retain information for test. Is there any help for me. I lost my jobs and can’t go to school because of being dsylisia. The DSPN at City College of San Francisco will not help me. Everytime I want to take a course CCSF tells me to take something easier.

    • ldaamerica says

      Have you tried connecting with your Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) in your state? It is also known as Vocational Rehabilitation. They are commissioned to help people with disabilities get the training they need and find jobs. They provide evaluations, skills assessments and will follow you through the job application process and help locate meaningful employment. Please search the internet for the DARS office closest to you.

    • I hope you are well now, Kim. Your story broke my heart. As a fellow San Francisco resident living in this bustling city and working with a Learning Disability, the struggle is unfair. I admire you optimism and hope you got to attend college!

      • I also struggled with learning disability and always got ds and f, then I became a c student and tried harder in school. It was difficult to have to try harder than everyone else. But my speech teacher told me to go to a resource specialist program where I can do my hw and take my tests there. And that’s how I was able to do better in my tests ands exams because I got the extra help I need.

        City College of San Francisco just gave me extra time on tests but I also felt like I did not get the extra help I needed to do better in the exam. When I got an A on one of my exams I was thrilled and it was Accountant. I had no idea how I got it but I studied really hard and went to tutors for help with that. But of course it was really tiring to try so hard every semester with 4-5 classes. I was a try-hard and took too many classes and used cheat notes to pass the exam.

        Without those I would have died. I became a A/B student but if I ever slipped through the cracks, I would have done very poorly. So I would say Kim, keep trying. If you’re still in school, I can help you. I failed a class at SF State and I asked the teacher to let me makeup for it.

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