2019 LD Awareness Month – Week Four: Advocate!

Download this week’s Calendar in PDF form here.

Sunday, October 20th:

Monday, October 21st:

Tuesday, October 22nd:

  • Not sure where to start advocating? Share LDA’s Core Principles with Someone who should know about them.
  • LDA’s Core Principles
  • What is ADHD and how does it link to learning disabilities?
  • Check out the App of the Day: Gohotit Real Writer

Wednesday, October 23rd:

Thursday, October 24th:

Friday, October 25th:

  • Check out our Halloween Tips this year, because Halloween should be Spooky, not Toxic
  • #FactsForFriday – 1 in 5 people have learning or attention issues.
  • Check out the App of the Day: FreeBooks

Saturday, October 26th:

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