Webinar: Help Your Child Stay on Track this Summer

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Fun & Engaging Reading and Math Activities


Part 1: Make Time On-the-Go Count!

There’s a growth opportunity in every activity! Let Jen Rawley and Ginny Simank share and discuss strategies, ideas, and activities to make summertime travel – and even your everyday errands – fun and valuable learning moments with little or no advance preparations. Families with children of all ages can connect as they participate in “car” or “store” games. We also understand that even our youngest children are attracted to electronic devices, so let’s be the “YES!” parent by incorporating engaging and purposeful reading and math apps.

Part 2: No Cost (or Low Cost) Multi-Sensory Activities to Help Prevent “Summer Slide”

What are two of the biggest issues during summer? First, it’s nearly three months without school and you’re concerned about the dreaded “Summer Slide” (defined as the loss of learning over the summer break). Second, I bet you can already hear, “Mom, I’m bored! What can I do now?” We can help you solve both issues! Join us as Ginny Simank and Jen Rawley share and discuss multi-sensory strategies for reading & math that use many items you already have on hand.   Your kids never knew learning could be this fun! (And we won’t tell them if you don’t!)


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