High School Equivalency Exams

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What are high school equivalency exams?

High school equivalency exams are tests available for people age 16 and older who did not finish high school. Many people who did not finish high school have the same knowledge and skills as those who did graduate. Others can enroll in an adult education program to gain the knowledge and skills they need to pass a high school equivalency exam. By taking and passing one of these exams, adults can demonstrate they have acquired the same level of knowledge as someone who has completed high school. The person then earns a certificate that is accepted as a high school diploma.

There are currently three (3) high school equivalency exams available:

  • GED® Test
  • HiSet® Exam
  • TASC™ Test

The GED® Test is only available as a computer-based test. The HiSet® Exam and the TASC™ Test are both available as paper-based OR computer-based tests.

Every state offers one, two, or all three of these tests. Contact a local adult education center to find out which test(s) is given in a particular state.

Are high school equivalency exam testing accommodations available for people who have learning disabilities?


Testing accommodations are available for people who have:

  • Learning and other cognitive disabilities;
  • Intellectual disabilities;
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD);
  • Physical and chronic health disabilities; and
  • Psychological and psychiatric disorders.

Accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Audio format or reader
  • Braille format
  • Large-print format
  • Calculator or talking calculator
  • Use of a scribe
  • Extended time
  • Supervised extra breaks
  • Private room for testing

How much does it cost to take a high school equivalency exam?

The costs of the tests range from $18 – $150, depending on which test it is and in which state the test is given. In some states, such as California, the local adult education programs set their own fee for giving the test.

Some states may charge additional fees as well, while other states are looking for ways to offset costs for the students. There is usually no cost for taking adult education classes to prepare for taking the test.

Need help asking for testing accommodations?

If you have a disability documented by a qualified professional, ask your local adult education program to help you with the process needed to request accommodations for your disability.
Each request is considered on an individual basis. If accommodations are approved, your local testing facility will help you make arrangements to test with the approved accommodations.

If you think you may have a learning disability, but have never been diagnosed, ask your local adult education program to help you find the right resources and referrals to access an evaluation by a qualified professional.

Adult education programs also have information about testing accommodations that do not require documentation, such as earplugs, one test per day, priority seating, large-print test, straightedge, magnifying device, transparent overlays, highlighter, and the use of graph paper for working math problems.



  1. I had to drop out of high school because of anxiety attacks back in 1997. I now have agoraphobia and I cannot leave my house. I am on disability for my agoraphobia I am in counseling two days a week I have peer support two days a week and I have cbrs 3 days a week Monday through Friday at least one sometimes two hours a day I have people coming and helping me with my disorder. I can’t go out of the house to get my GEDor High School equivalent. Do I have any choices? I would really like to take some online college courses

    • LDA of America says:

      Most states offer online classes for high school equivalency exams. Contact your state’s Department of Education to find out how you can study for the test online.

  2. Selena​ Glover says:

    Hi I’m have a LD AND I drop out of high school in Las Vegas and I want to go back to high school and get my high school diploma​ and I’m 22 years old and I was told I can’t go back to school to get my high school diploma in Las Vegas Nevada because I have a LD

  3. Wondering what Adult school in las Vegas NV help adults with out their ged or diploma with learning disabilities ,

  4. Jeanette says:

    My husband has been trying for more than 6 months in class for his hi set. He is 53 and came home in tears. Took math practice test and got 10 of 42 answers right…and my husband of 27 years does not cry. He was in ld classes and on adderall in his youth but it was called ritalin. Can he be tested somewhere locally for free? No insurance. I am desparate to get him help. Stuck being a temp for more than a year. Employer won’t hire him without ged. He had a horrible childhood…dad remarried 6x…not all people were rebels dropping out. He is such a good, hardworking man. I am so proud of him! Can anyone help us? We are in Mo.

    • LDA of America says:

      I would suggest that you contact vocational rehabilitation services in your area. It sounds like to me that your husband would qualify for support from them. That support usually includes testing, but you might want to specifically request a full battery. There is no charge to you for that testing.

  5. Lyn Feucht says:

    I am a cashier and not happy with it’ I didn’t graduate. I was in LD classes all through school. I want to be more. I can’t pass the GED exam I know. What do I do?

  6. Hi I have a learning disability and keeping up with reading remember what I read and doing a lot of tests at one time is a lot for me I need someone that could help me stay on task so that I can finally complete my high school diploma sign in need of help

  7. Sherri lewis says:

    Hi I’m looking and have been wanting to get my ged and then take some college courses after I get my ged but what is stopping me is my learning disabilities cause i learn differently from other adults that don’t have issues and I want to be able to get some where in life as in a better opportunities as in a job etc…I work but it’s not what I should be making at the age I am. So I need help in founding schools in Arizona and online so can you please help me found the resources I need to get started… Sincerely sherri

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