Toxic Chemicals in Macaroni and Cheese?!

Toxic chemicals called “phthalates” can harm babies’ brain development and were found in macaroni and cheese powder and in other cheese products! In fact, phthalates were found in eight of nine individual Kraft cheese products tested, and in other companies’ products too. Kraft is by far the largest producer of mac ‘n cheese.
LDA is part of a coalition asking Kraft to switch to safer processing and packaging to get these toxic chemicals out of their products and protect our children’s health. Parents and schools should never have to wonder if there are toxic chemicals in the mac ‘n cheese! Sign the petition here!
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  1. adriana cantisani says

    I feel that if parents want to protect their babies’ health they should buy real pasta and real cheese. Processed food is not food. It’s not just the chemicals harming us, it is ignorance.

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