Join us as a Speaker in Orlando!

We are currently seeking submissions for the 2020 conference being held in Orlando, Florida, February 17-20, 2020. Use the link below to submit one of the following:

  1. formal presentation (60 minutes),
  2. a table talk topic or
  3. a poster presentation.

Formal Presentation – 60 Minutes

Formal presentations are conducted in a private room with 50-150 attendees. LDA values sessions that present current and best practices, including basic, intermediate and advanced information about the nature of learning disabilities.

Our sessions cover strands from: Advocacy/Public Policy; Assessment & Evaluation;Cultural Diversity/International; Early Childhood; Instruction; Legal & Justice; Environmental/Medical; Mental Health; Parents/Family; Professional Preparation; Post Secondary/Adult Transition; Related Disorders;Technology and Urban Education

Table Talk Topics

​ (think of it as speed dating for teachers!)​

Our very popular table talks take place in a large room with several simultaneous sessions happening at one time. Table talks are a great way for teachers to hear first hand from you on new insights, skills, techniques and strategies. They are designed to give teachers a lot of great information in a shorter amount of time. As a presenter, you’ll have 60 minutes to present your same basic presentation three times(20 minutes each). Your presentation should focus on information most immediately applicable to teacher. There is not AV during these sessions but you are welcome to bring handouts.

Poster Session

Research poster sessions are a great opportunity for you to share the results of any recent research studies and projects related to learning disabilities. We provide opportunity to have visual displays on poster boards which are viewed and discussed individually or in small groups.

​It is expected that a balance of basic, intermediate and advanced presentations will be offered to provide both new and experienced conference attendees current information and opinion on both continuing and evolving topics on interest and concern.

Please note presenters are limited to one major presentation and that sessions may not promote commercial products and or services. 

Deadline is May 1, 2019.

LDA Conference Proposal Guidelines

Prior to starting your submission, please gather the following information:

  1. Select a Title (no more than 10 words)
  2. Names and titles of all Presenters
  3. Contact Phone Number
  4. Abstract Description (Max: 500 word)s
  5. Session Description for Program Book (Max: 50 words)
  6. Objectives-List 3 objectives for your presentation
  7. Session Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  8. Strands (Advocacy/Public Policy, Assessment & Evaluation, Cultural Diversity/International, Early Childhood, Instruction, Legal & Justice,  Environmental/Medical, Mental Health, Parents/Family, Professional Preparation, Post Secondary/Adult Transition, Related Disorders, Technology, Urban Education)
  9. Proposed Format (Lecture, Poster Session, Table Talk for Teachers)
  10. Previous presentations
  11. Presenters Bio (100 words

We strongly encourage you to keep an electronic copy of your submission. The more complete your submission the more likely that your presentation will be given the full consideration.

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