Scholarships Available for 2017 Annual Conference in Baltimore

Teacher Scholarships

LDA is pleased to announce a limited number of scholarships available, to be awarded to active teachers in grades K-12, for our 54th Annual International Conference. Through the generous support of The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, 20 scholarships will be awarded this year.


  1. Complete an application (either print or online) and submit it via mail (LDA, 4156 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234) or email, with accompanying paperwork no later than Friday, November 25, 2016. Letter of recommendation from immediate supervisor (Principal, Assistant Principal, Head of School, Assistant Head of School) must accompany application.
  2. Winners will be notified no later than Wednesday, December 7, 2016.
  3. LDA will cover the following costs: Conference registration fee; Awards ticket; 3 nights at the conference hotel. Total value: approximately $1,150.
  4. Attendance at the full conference is required.
  5. The recipient is responsible for their travel expenses (additional hotel nights/airfare/mileage/ground transportation/meals).
  6. Past scholarship winners, members of the LDA Board of Directors, Professional Advisory Board, and/or persons employed by LDA at the national, state or local levels, or members of their families, are not eligible to submit.


  1. Bamidele F.Deborah says:

    Pls I would like to know if international participants are welcome for the conference.
    I am a teacher from Nigeria, Africa and I,’m interested in the conference.
    Secondly, do you have any affiliate in Africa?

  2. I am in process of getting my certification through Alternative-IV. I teach Spanish I & II in a NH high school. I am not sure what are your regulations in order to qualify. I would love to participate for the scholarship. I am Dyslexic and have ADHD, not to mention that I was diagnosed at the age of forty-nine. I understand the daily struggles, and the impact that it does to your self esteem, and the shameful of feeling different. The educational guidelines of expectations seems to target few but not all, when in comes to information process, The conventional formats doesn’t work for all, what I call, “The cookie cutter syndrome”. I am always seeking new ways in teaching were every students could benefit from the visual, first and then hearing, word patterns, well cognate words, and vocab. drills. Thank you, and good luck to all

  3. Lucia Fernandez says:

    Would mental health counselors be able to apply to this scholarship? I work with emotionally disturbed students and others in special education including many with adhd.

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