Resource Book

RESOURCE MANUAL FLYER for LDA B-WGet your copy of the Learning Disabilities Association of America Resource Manual today for only $25 (shipping is included).

This resource manual is designed as a reference and record collection tool for parents, teachers, administrators, family members, anyone with an interest in students with learning disabilities.  Produced in an easy to use three-ring binder with five color-coded sections including:

  • Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders – definitions, descriptions and more.
  • IEP Information – go into your next meeting prepared.
  • LDA’s Position Papers
  • Technology Tools and Resources
  • Student Planning and Record-Keeping Resources

Use the form below to order and pay for your resource manual and we’ll get it in the mail straight to your door!

  • If you have ever asked for or needed accommodations to get a driver's license or have had problems obtaining a license, please share your story through the below link, so we can work together to ensure all individuals with disabilities are provided an equal opportunity to obtain a driver's license.

    LDA’s mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities. Driver's licenses provide an important and often necessary form of identification as well as freedom of transportation which can be critical to education and work success. To this end, LDA promotes legal, appropriate, and effective accommodations for anyone seeking to obtain a driver's license.

    Note: We will not release your contact information to any other organization or entity, but we may contact you to let you know more ways you can help.

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