October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month!

LDButton-AwarenessMonthLearning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is working hard this month to shine the spotlight on learning disabilities. It is important during Learning Disabilities (LD) Month to focus less on the disabilities aspect and focus more on the incredible abilities so many of these individuals possess as well as emphasize the phenomenal achievements and important strides so many of these individuals have made.

Membership in LDA is a way in which to support and nurture individuals with learning disabilities throughout not only the United States but the world. LDA does make a difference in the lives of those it touches. During the month of October we will be providing several additional benefits to membership:

31 Days of LD Calendar

Share this calendar which offers free Live and Archived webinars, links to great apps, videos and a wealth of information not only about learning disabilities, but additional resources that could be helpful to you and your family.


Halloween TipsHalloween Tips

Here are some great tips for this upcoming Halloween for you and your family.








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  1. We live in Northeast Philadelphia & I am asking do you know of any Learing Disiblty places that we might call .Would like to let my son meet people with learning disabilities & know that he is not the only one with learning disabilities & he can succed. leticia111987@gmail.com

  2. Kevin voeks says:

    Should be awareness all year long for people who struggle whole life with no help from state or federal. We just fall through the cracks. I’m 45 and hanging on by a twig

    • I was recently diagnosed with a learning disability and my dad has dyslexia. i feel you i struggle so much in school and so did my dad but rembmer that there are people just like you and you have to keep working your hardest to show people who dont belive in you what you can do 🙂

    • I REALLY understand what you are saying and feeling. I just turned 53 and every year I feel my disability more.

  3. I have suffered a L.D. problem my whole life but I still did my best to live a normal life, I have a teenage daughter who is a very beautiful and smart girl however I struggle to help her with homework. I do my best but often have help from my family, she asked me today if there was an awareness for people like myself so I looked up and found this site I’m SO thankful that there are others out there who are willing to help and be kind to us because after all that is all we really need in life, to feel important, feel as if we fit in and cared about. Thank you and my God bless those who care about those with learning disabilities.
    Dawn S.

  4. Hedley Fulton says:

    I love the idea of spreading more awareness for learning disabilities. I had no idea that there was a whole month dedicated to this purpose. I think that it is so important for people to learn about disabilities like this. By understanding these disabilities I think that we can be more effective teachers, friends, and parents

  5. Julia Carlson says:

    I would really like to participate in a month like this! I just found out my niece has a learning disability. My whole family wants to support her as much as we can. What kind of events can I hold in my area to create awareness? This is a great opportunity. http://www.learning-aids.com


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