October is LD Month!

The Learning Disabilities Association of America is working hard this month to shine the spotlight on learning disabilities. It’s important to focus less on the disabilities aspect and focus more on the incredible abilities so many of these individuals possess as well as to emphasize the phenomenal achievements and important strides so many of these individuals have made.

A calendar, offering free webinars, links to great apps, and a wealth of information not only about learning disabilities, but additional resources that could be helpful to you and your family can be found by clicking here.



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  1. Lori Morris says:

    Hi my name is Lori, I just happened to find this site. My daughter’s birthday is this month. She will be 32. When she was in School she had gone through Pre-K kindergarten twice I had asked for intervention and they just said she was normal. Then by the 3rd grade she still didn’t know how to read. I got angry and had heart to Heart with the principal of the school and ask for an intervention. All the teachers and the counselor and the principal and me and Jessica was there. They finally decided to have her tested. What they found was to say she had something called specific learning disability. By 7th grade for her to get any kind of help they had me sign a Form it stated on her worst day she was considered mentally retarded. I was not a Happy Mama. Even worse the man told me that there was no way she was ever goingp to be able to go to college. Or have a normal life. That made me so angry. Jessica has GI Bill through her dad. I told him if she wants to go to college she damn well will go to college. In high school she graduated with a college grade English class. Everyday Monday through Friday she went to zero period to work with mentally retarded kids. Today she works with kids. Crazy kids. From lil kids wanting to kill their siblings to teens that just rub mom or dad the wrong way. 3 day hold kind of thing. It’s not the kind of job for anyone. She even works with the women. I love my kid. She’s fun loving. Anime crazy. Lol. Looks 15. Has 2 friends that have problems too. I just wonder when I was giving birth to her and she had miconium in her lungs if the Doctor had just let her be born and not held her head and suctioned her mouth n lungs would she not have this disability? I already gave her Hashimotos, obesity and varicose veins. Poor baby. Only thing she didn’t get she wanted was big boobs! Lol. Jessica Morris. She’s a wonder. And my baby.

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