National Conference Offers Important Workshops

by Ann Kornblet, General Conference Chair

The LDA Program Committee, led by Jennifer Harkins and Lorie Parks, for the 2018 International Conference is offering over 150 sessions on subjects of particular interest to those working with children and adults with learning disabilities.  Atlanta will be buzzing the week of February 21 – 24.   A message from the Program Chairs:

“We hope that you will take every opportunity to increase your knowledge while sharing your own stories and expertise during the conference.  We are so fortunate to have an annual gathering of parents and professionals interested in bettering the lives of those with learning disabilities. WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN LDA IN ATLANTA!

The Topical Workshops offered take a subject and offer in-depth information on a specific topic. Timely, vital information on what is happening in education and around the country that affects children and adults with learning disabilities will be available.

On Wednesday, February 21 the Education Workshop “Removing Roadblocks and Creating Pathways: Supporting Children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD in the Classroom” will be presented by Allen Broyles, The Children’s School, Atlanta, Georgia.

On Thursday, February 22 the Adult Topics Workshop is, “Moving Out of the Shadows, Into the Light” presented by Carolyn Phillips, Georgia Tech.; Crystal Perry, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency; Angela Mackey, Human Resources, Walgreen’s; Lizzie Booher, Georgia State University; and Jennifer Cobb, Cox Communications.

On Thursday, February 22, the Juvenile Justice Workshop is, “Disrupting the Nexus of Disability, School Suspension, and Juvenile Court” presented by Marshaum Barber, Bonnie Linville, Rosey Thurman, TEAM CHILD, Seattle, Washington.

On Thursday, February 22, THE 2018 TOPICAL WORKSHOP, “HOW IS SPECIAL EDUCATION LINKED TO THE OPIATE EPIDEMIC?”  will be presented by Jeanne Davis, Tarpon Springs, Florida; Michelle Lipinski, Northshore Recovery High School, Beverly, Massachusetts.

On Friday, February 23, Feature session, “Comprehension – More than Words: Digging Deeper for Meaning and Understanding” presented by Donna Knoell, Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

On Friday, February 23, the Advocacy Workshop will offer “School Choice and Students with Learning Disabilities: Vouchers, Charters, Tax Credits, and Other Non-Traditional Programs” presented by JoAnna J. Barnes, Chair, LDA Advocacy Committee, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Kimberly A. Spire-Oh, Co-President LDA of Florida, West Palm Beach; and Janeen Steel, Learning Rights Law Center, Los Angeles, California.

For full information on the Atlanta Conference, please click here to review the program and register!

Ann Kornblet is the LDA of America General Conference Chairman, a past president of LDA of America and LDA of Missouri, and a past member and chairman of several committees of LDA of America. Ann has also been a member of the Learning Disabilities Foundation Board of Managers for several years.

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