Meet Eric McGehearty

Eric McGehearty, our Adult Luncheon speaker in Fort Worth, is a fascinating Entrepreneur with Dyslexia. In this interview, Eric provides some positive insights on the power of having dyslexia. Don’t miss this video and be sure to register today to catch his presentation at LDA’s 56th Annual International Conference in Fort Worth.

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  1. Mary Auerswald says

    I too am an adult who was diagnosed in college with a learning disability. I have now been teaching in the Rockford Pubic Schools for 25 years in special education. I too have developed my own business, teaching adult and children to sew in the evenings. I would love to network and hear other people’s stories like Eric’s McGehearty of how they did it. My school district will not pay for me to attend nor can I afford to attend the conference on my own.

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