As we look back on this year, we wanted to share what your support has allowed us to do. We’re incredibly grateful for all of our members, volunteers, and donors who make our work possible. Thank you for helping us to create a more equitable world for individuals with learning disabilities…we couldn’t have done it without you!

Media: 1 new COVID resource website. The LDA Podcast: 1,900+ podcast downloads, 31 guests, 23 episodes. LDA Webinars: 4,500+ registrants, 25 webinars.

Throughout this year, LDA worked hard to produce content that was timely and relevant, particularly during the pandemic. Early in the summer we launched our COVID website, which was filled with resources for parents, educators, and students. We also started The LDA Podcast this year, with our first episode airing June 1st, 2020.

Policy & Advocacy. LDA joined 42 sign on letters to Congress. 1,244 people responded to LDA's Action Alerts. LDA is a part of 3 coalitions and 8 partnerships. LDA gained 5 new state affiliates. LDA now has 32 state affiliates.

This year, LDA’s policy and advocacy actions were based mainly on topics of IDEA funding and protecting civil rights for individuals with learning disabilities, particularly during the pandemic.

Science to Practice. 1 entirely new, virtual conference. 925+ attendees, 50+ graduate student scholarships, 35+ speakers, 30 sessions, and 300 Wiley texts distributed to the first registrants.

In January we held our first ever Science to Practice Conference, a virtual conference focused entirely on the science of learning disabilities. Participants heard from leading researchers and scholars in the fields of learning disabilities, special education, school psychology, neuropsychology, and speech-language pathology. Now, stay tuned for more information on our October Science to Practice Forum on Striving for Equitable Assessment in SLD Identification!

Annual Conference. 1 entirely virtual conference, 85+ sessions, 130+ speakers, 448 attendees, 16 sponsors, and 4 LDA New Orleans-themed cocktails.

For the first time ever, LDA’s Annual Conference went virtual. Speakers discussed LD topics through the lens of “Building Connections, Transforming Perceptions.” Our next annual conference will be in person in New Orleans!

Healthy Children Project. 25 state affiliates are involved in LDA's Healthy Children Project (HCP), 4 court cases on chemicals, 2 wins, 8 HCP coalitions, 60+ HCP partnerships, 12 comments & testimonies.

LDA’s Healthy Children Project works to raise awareness of toxic chemicals that can harm brain development, contributing to learning disabilities and behavior disorders. HCP promotes policies and provides guidance to prevent toxic chemical exposures, especially among children and pregnant women.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us this year. We look forward to another year of furthering our mission of improving the lives of individuals with learning disabilities through support, education, and advocacy.