Save the date for our 59th Annual Conference in New Orleans! January 27th - 30th, 2022

LDA's 59th Annual International Conference & Mental Health Preconference in New Orleans

There’s only a little over a month before our Annual Conference kicks off in the heart of New Orleans! We’re so excited to welcome you on January 27th!

With a lineup of over 120 sessions, it’s THE conference for learning disability topics. Over 200 experts will all be under one roof, and attendees will be able to get the latest information on topics like mitigating learning loss, learning disability assessment and evaluation, maximizing positive outcomes for students with LD, and much more!

Presentations will fall under these strands: 

  • Support for Parents, Families, and Individuals with LD
  • Law, Policy and Advocacy
  • PK-12 Topics and Practices
  • Adult & Post-Secondary Topics and Practices
  • Professional Preparation
  • Science to Practice
  • Cultural Diversity/Linguistic Diversity
  • International LD Topics
  • Technology and Online Resources 
  • Mental Health

With a wide range of topics, this conference is perfect for educators, parents, individuals with LD, counselors, school administrators, psychologists, advocates, and others! 

We’ll be hearing from speakers like Dr. Nadine Gaab, Kimberly Eckert, Dr. Samuel Ortiz, Dr. Julie Washington, Ruth Hughes, Dr. Anneke Schrueder, and many others. 

Find out more about the conference, different attendance options, and see the full agenda! 

LDA's 59th Annual International Conference

New this year, we’ll be holding a special Pre-Conference on January 26th! Mental Health Matters: Considerations and Strategies for At-Risk Students focuses on mental health and the learning disability community—particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about our lineup of speakers here. 

Get ready to join us in NOLA!