58th Annual international conference / february 18-21, 2021 / new orleans, la

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Success in the Workplace for Women with Learning Disabilities

by Julia Frost, Chairman, Adult Topics Committee

The Adult Topics Committee again designed a workshop for the national conference that proved to be of interest to many in our organization. “Success in the Workplace for Women with LD” was held on Friday, February 17th at the conference in Baltimore.

As a result of our recent alliance with Job Accommodation Network (JAN), Anne Hirsh, JAN’s Co-director, moderated the panel. Panelists were all women with learning disabilities who have experienced success in the workplace.

They were: (from left to right in the picture below. Anne is on the far right.)

  • Melanie Whetzel, JAN Lead Consultant on LD
  • Debbie Zagwodzki, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Sarah Flint, Creative Director and CEO of her namesake shoe label
  • Carolyn Phillips, Tools for Life Director and PI at AMAC Accessibility Solutions & Research Center, Georgia Institute of Technology

These women discussed both their challenges and their successes in the workplace. Topics covered included when and how to disclose, strategies for success, and available resources. All of these women, except Sarah, have been involved in either LDA or JAN for several years, but this was the first time to bring them together for a workshop that focused on this topic. However, this was Sarah Flint’s first connection with LDA, and we all appreciated her willingness to share her story. Although she is not yet 30-years-old, Sarah has developed her own line of shoes that are handmade in Italy.

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