by: Shirley Hilts-Adams
Most states with elected school board members will be conducting their elections in November as part of the General Election process. New board members will be seated in January and take on a special responsibility for the education of the children in the district in which they live.

Members of LDA are usually well versed in education law and aware of the rules and regulations that govern the provision of special education services. As such, they are a bit ahead of many individuals who come to school governing boards without a great deal of knowledge about the educational process.

Petitions in most states must be filed 60 – 90 days prior to the election. For specific information on school boards in your state, visit the National School Boards Association web site, http://www. and click on your state.

About the Author:
Shirley Hilts-Adams is a former school board member, having served many years on boards in a public school district, a charter school, and a state juvenile correctional facility.

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