October is upon us. We are hopeful that all affiliates are making good use of the Helpful Hints Newsletter that goes out twice a month. In the newsletter, you will find social media posts you can use for outreach and awareness for your affiliate. LD Month updates have been sent out for the last month. You still have time to send out press releases related to Learning Disabilities Month and/or to request television or radio appearances. Also, all files on the intraweb related to LD Month have been reviewed and revised or updated.

The 31 Days of LD calendar has also been updated. Ideas from each day of the calendar can be shared on your social media sites or on your affiliate website. Please utilize all of these resources to help promote awareness for learning disabilities in your state.

This fall we can also work within our individual communities to focus attention on learning disabilities and individuals with learning disabilities. Reach out to at least one individual and teach him/her something possibly not known about learning disabilities. You could e-mail someone an article from the LDA website, share one of our newsletters, or invite them to listen to one of LDA’s free webinars available on YouTube.

One thing that is important for us to focus upon is that the learning disability does not make the individual. It is only one facet of the person diagnosed with LD. LDA does well to work with individuals to help them realize their individual potentials and to train the community about this as well.

Membership in LDA helps us to keep these efforts alive and is important for us to move forward. Membership cannot be accomplished without individual efforts.

Part of the way we can help to provide access for individuals with LD is to continue to provide support at the individual level and to promote awareness through affiliate-led activities. What is your affiliate doing this month to promote LD Month and LD awareness? You can make a difference. With you, LDA can make a difference.

Below are some unique ways to promote LDA and LD knowledge during the month of October:

  • Introduce a child or adult reader with LD to audio books through use of BookShare, Learning Ally, BARD, or the state talking books programs.
  • Share positive LD stories on your affiliate website or social media pages.
  • Share the 31 Days of LD Month calendar with your friends and colleagues.
  • Invite people you know to join LDA as members.
  • Share your knowledge of what LD is, and is not, with others. 

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