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by Nancie Payne, President
by Nancie Payne, President


“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” W.T. Purkiser

After nine months as the President of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, I would like to take this opportunity to share with each of you what I am most thankful for throughout these past months. 

In gratitude:

For the Staff of the LDA – they are hardworking, diligent and dedicated to the vision and mission of the organization.  Without their knowledge, skills, and abilities the organization would not accomplish nearly as much.  It is through their efforts and supports that the beginnings, middles and ends of thoughts and ideas become actions and accomplishments.

For the Professional Advisory Board – the team of researchers and practitioners who keep LDA in the know.  Their vast knowledge and comprehension of learning disabilities give LDA the power and capability to be thinking about current needs and future direction.  Their allegiance to pursuing answers to new and advancing theories and questions through research and evidence-based practices gives them the designation of unconditionally outstanding.    

For the Executive Committee – the leadership team of the organization that puts in countless hours to ensure both national and regional positions are in the best interest of individuals with learning disabilities and those who support them.  Their positive commitment to internal procedures and policies is a major aspect in the functioning of LDA. 

For the Board – the team of directors who bring insight and energy to LDA.  The board of directors’ is a caring and conscientious group who lead LDA with a genuine desire to make a true difference in the lives of those with learning disabilities.  It is through their thoughtful discussions and development that LDA presents a nationwide vision and mission.

For the Committee Chairpersons – where the heart and soul of the work is accomplished.  Committees are the lifeline of the organization, addressing the needs of our constituents as well as keeping our policies and procedures up-to-date.  There are 18 active committees with many sub-committees and groups, all competently seeing that our house is in order and most importantly working to keep LDA in the forefront of our nation’s leaders, communities, and individuals. 

For the Committee Members – LDA began as a grassroots organization 52 years ago.  Through committee members, who come from urban and rural areas throughout all regions of the United States, the organization is able to have boots on the ground at all times.  These members are passionate about LDA and give of their time and talent, the reward being communities gaining a heightened awareness and stronger support for individuals with learning disabilities and those who support them.

For State Affiliates – the pulse of the LDA.  No other organization in our field has such an incredible, extraordinary network of people who have their eyes open and ears to the ground and are always listening to see how services and support for children and adults, families and support persons can be improved and strengthened.  Without them, LDA would be just another ordinary organization. 

For Partnerships – who carry the messages far and wide.  The relationships, which are being built through LDA collaborating with other like organizations, have and will continue to reap great benefits.  These partnerships universally enhance and expand the LDA purpose and goals.

For All who believe that children and adults with learning disabilities can achieve and be successful – families and professionals, researchers and counselors, teachers and administration, and all who provide support. 

For my LDA Community – for without your leadership, advise, assistance and support being president of an awesome organization would be a very difficult task.

I wish there was a way I could personally thank each and every person involved in this organization, however that is not feasible.  Thus, I hope this message will convey my gratitude for all the hands that make work easy.  There is no other organization like LDA of America. 

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Thank you for your dedication and dependability as we continue to build and strengthen our organization.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season. 

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