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Candidates for 2015-2016 LDA Officers and Board Members

The 2014-2015 LDA Nominating Committee announces the following candidates for the 2015-2016 LDA officers and members of the LDA Board of Directors.  These names will be placed in nomination at the LDA Annual Assembly of Delegates, Thursday, February 19, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.  These candidates bring a variety of skills and experiences to their respective positions and years of service to LDA, both nationally and in their state affiliates.  LDA is fortunate to have these committed volunteers who are willing to accept leadership roles in the organization.



1st Vice President: Allen Broyles (Georgia)

Allen Broyles is the Assistant Head of School and Middle School Principal of the Howard School, a K-12 school for students with language-based learning differences in Atlanta.  He has been a frequent presenter at many LD and education conferences.  He is presently serving a term on the LDA of America Board of Directors.  Allen is dedicated to serving and improving the lives of individuals with learning disabilities.

2nd Vice President: JoAnna Barnes (North Carolina)

JoAnna is a lawyer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She received her law degree from Georgetown and is a member of the bar in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.  She has two children who have dyslexia. She is active in LDA, both at the state and national level.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of LDANC and sits on the Board of LDA National.  She is a member of the Public Policy committee and will present at the 2015 Conference in Chicago. In addition to her work with LDA, she is also active in several other groups that work to improve education, such as various committees at Chapel Hill High School and Community Midrasha, Inc. She feels that LDA needs to become the voice of people who are no longer covered under IDEA. She brings great insight on how to best help those currently facing learning disabilities. 

Secretary: Evie Lindberg (Oklahoma)

Evie Lindberg has experience in special education, academics, accreditation, and assessments. She has been a member of LDA for over 30 years and has held Board of Directors positions for both LDA of Oklahoma and LDA of America.  She is also Co-Chair of the Education Committee at the National level. Evie brings a wealth of experience educationally and as an advocate for individuals with learning disabilities. 

Treasurer: Myrna Soule (Oregon)

Myrna Soule has been a member of LDA since 1980, is the founder of Oregon LDA and has served on the National Board of Directors twice starting in 2005.  Myrna served as Treasurer of LDA from 2007-2008 and is presently a member of the Finance Committee.  Myna has been a teacher and administrator on many levels since 1980, with special interest in dyslexia and how to teach language. She is an advocate and dedicated to individuals with learning disabilities and LDA. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (3 year terms)

Donna Brigham (Tennessee)

Donna Brigham has been a passionate educator for 24 years, has been involved with LDA, IDA, and other organizations, and embodies great energy and awareness in her efforts to help make a difference. Donna brings to the LDA board a very strong voice and skills in communicating and networking. She has expanded her efforts to make an impact through lobbying in Washington and fundraising. Donna is eager to contribute at a deeper level to LDA’s mission and goals, and believes strongly that local efforts, such as hers in the Memphis area, are critical for strengthening the national organization. 

Esperanza Chandler (Honduras)

Esperanza currently lives in Honduras and is the mother of a son who has dyslexia.  She has been a successful business woman for over 25 years.  Her strengths are communication and project management. She is a leader in her community and has experience in fundraising, including fundraising for her school district to get the most up-to-date trainings.  She is fluent in Spanish and has helped organize a program for families displaced by the immigration crisis. Over the years she has been involved with community and church events both in the US and in Mexico.  Esperanza believes we need to increase awareness that LDA exists in order to increase membership and has great ideas for how to accomplish this.

Jennifer Harkins (Connecticut)

Jennifer Harkins, from Greenwich, Connecticut, currently works as an educational advisor. She presented as a very strong potential LDA Board Member with much to contribute to the organization. Jennifer has been a professional educator in special education for many years, embodies the mission of enabling young lives while also working to create awareness and training. She is intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, thoughtful, organized, and passionate. She has worked diligently for LDA as a member of the Program Committee, is Co-Chair of the 2016 program Committee and is well aligned with LDA’s mission. Further, she understands the challenges facing LDA, and all non-profits, as the organization works toward growth, sustainability, and greater impact.

Beth McGaw (Texas)

Beth McGaw is the mother and advocate for a son with learning disabilities.  She has a wide array of experience and served as the Publisher and Executive Director for Kids Enabled, Inc. from 2005-2012. It is an award-winning publication for parents of children with learning differences.  She has been serving on the Board of Directors for LDA since 2012.  Beth is very committed to making a difference for those with learning disabilities and has great insight into how best to improve current issues.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (1 year term)

Sylvia Youngblood (California)

Sylvia Youngblood has been involved with the Los Angles Learning Disabilities Association for more than two years. As a parent of children with specific learning disabilities, Sylvia is a tireless advocate for individuals with disabilities. Sylvia is Chair of the Community Advisory Committee for the West San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). As Chair, she oversees meetings of parents of children with IEP’s, school district representatives, community members, and the SELPA director. Sylvia serves in different capacities for several other organizations such as the Board of the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center, Special Needs Network Parent Advisory Committee, and the Los Angeles Special Education Task Force. Sylvia brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Learning Disabilities Association of America. 


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