Dollar General ImageLDA of America attended the Dollar General shareholder meeting as part of the above Campaign for Healthier Solutions group and submitted a letter from LDA and 15 partner organizations to the company.

At the shareholder meeting, Dollar General agreed to meet with the Campaign for Healthier Solutions to discuss how we can work together on getting harmful chemicals out of products. Read the joint press release.

LDA is working on the preventable causes of learning and developmental disabilities, including toxic chemical exposures.

Tracy Gregoire, Healthy Children Project State Affiliate Coordinator of LDA shared in the press statement “Developmental disabilities have reached epidemic proportions—now affecting 1 in 6 children. About a quarter of these disabilities are linked to toxic chemical exposures. Phthalates, a chemical class added to plastics and found in children’s products purchased at Dollar General, are linked to lower IQ and behavior challenges. Prenatal and early childhood exposure to hazardous substances like these can lead to life-long impacts and chronic health conditions. Dollar General has both the opportunity and the responsibility to become an industry leader by advancing strong and transparent safer chemical policies.”

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