The Learning Disabilities Association of Texas (LDATX) is focused on increasing awareness of what LDATX offers. We want people to know that there are resources available to help guide them through anything from an IEP to finding support services.

LDATX has only been up and running for the past four years. We are growing and welcome anyone who would like to join us in our efforts to make sure each child/adult with learning disabilities gets the help and support they need! As it states on the LDA National Page, “You are not alone” and LDATX is here for you!

Recent Accomplishments

In 2020, LDATX started a Resource Directory Group Page on Facebook and worked with the Governor of Texas to have October declared LD month in the state of Texas! LDATX has a robust social media presence and in 2020 answered over 400 emails from people requesting help finding learning disability testing and/or guidance related to identification and diagnosis of a learning disability for themselves or their child.

Additionally, LDATX, along with other LDA state affiliates, are currently working on a resource page for each state to help find low cost testing for adults to test for learning disabilities.

Coming Up

LDATX President, Rachel Krueger shared that LDATX has a lot of other plans for 2021! “We are currently developing a program, the LDATX Bright Light Award, which will create an opportunity for educators to nominate themselves or other special educators who are implementing best practices during these unique times. We are excited to give back to deserving special educators”. She also shared that they hope to have at least one one-day workshop soon, but are still determining if that will need to be virtual or if they can have it in-person. Stay tuned to their website or their Facebook page for more information!

Connect with LDA Texas

Do you live in Texas or know someone who does? We asked Rachel why folks should join LDA Texas

“Because we are awesome! We are a group of parents, educators, administrators, and other professionals who believe that every person with learning disabilities can succeed with support and guidance. We welcome anyone to join us to help spread the word about LDATX and our mission to help those with learning disabilities.”