Get to Know LDA New Jersey

The Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey (LDANJ) provides information and support to families, educators, outside professionals, and employers who work with children and adults with learning disabilities. LDANJ strongly advocates for early intervention and post-secondary outcomes. 

LDANJ is the first state affiliate of LDA of America to have STAMP (Students Teaching Advocacy through Mentoring Program). STAMP has student leaders in middle school, high school and post-secondary school who share their experiences with LD with younger students.  

Coming Up

LDANJ is doing another Life in High School and Beyond Virtual Conference and Resource Expo on Thursday, April 19.  This conference is for parents/families, educators, other professionals, adults with LD, employers and students 14+. There are 36 workshops to choose from.  Registration is free for LDA members, parents, adults with LD and students; non-members pay $25. LDANJ encourages people from all states to consider attending the conference; many of the workshops have information that can apply to any state.

In addition, LDANJ will be announcing the winners of the Dr. Rosa Hagin Scholarships. Several scholarships of $1000 are given to graduating NJ high school students based on the submission of a letter of recommendation and a student essay.  Dr. Rosa Hagin was an active member of LDA who did a good deal of work in the area of transition. 

Connect with LDA New Jersey

In addition to visiting their website, LDANJ President Leslie Rubinstein encouraged those in New Jersey to reach out to LDANJ on one of their hotlines, or 732-645-2738 and they will answer questions, provide support, and suggest resources. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well!