by Analisa Smith, Immediate Past State Presidents' Representative Joan K. Teach, State Presidents' Representative
by Analisa Smith, Immediate Past State Presidents’ Representative
Joan K. Teach, State Presidents’ Representative

As we move forward into this year, we would like to encourage all affiliates to begin looking into the use of free social media tools to help market your individual affiliates and national LDA. Social media can pay off tremendously for affiliates as state and chapter advocates…but at times you have to be creative and a bit persistent. Some very common and FREE social media tools are blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. New tools to use if you feel adventuresome are Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Social media exposure should be thought of as a new way to communicate and converse with your public.

Social media can be used in the following ways:

  • Advertising for an event
  • Disseminating information
  • Newsletter publication circulation
  • Membership drives
  • Keeping affiliates active in the public eye


Recommendations for getting started:

  • Start with only one or two social media platforms
    • Facebook and Twitter are two of the easiest social media platforms to use
  • Link up to other organizations with similar interests to share information
  • Appoint one or two team members from your board or staff to manage the social media presence
    • You will want to make sure the person you choose for this position is someone that has a little technology knowledge or is willing to be trained.


How to get, maintain, and keep an audience:

  • Do not make long winded posts. You do not want to lose your audience.
  • Make posts regularly.
  • Try to use a conversational tone and engage your audience to respond.
  • Ask others to share your content.
  • Try to use images and pictures.
  • You can tag members of the media in a post to gain more exposure and coverage.
  • Tag local organizations that your affiliate can partner with to share efforts and information.
  • The use of hashtags (#) works on both Twitter and Facebook to relate information directly to a particular topic.
  • Be honest and truthful. Do not hide behind the LDA label. Share your personal testimonies and let the public see the humanness behind the label to let them know we are here as an ally.

Many state affiliates and the national office already have one or two different social medias in use. If you need help to establish one for your affiliate, ask which state affiliates these are and contact them or us for further assistance.


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