Our current pandemic has highlighted just why organizations such as LDA are needed. Individuals with learning disabilities must have strong advocates to gain access to the services, supports, and opportunities which allow them to grow into successful, independent adults. Parents must have access to information and resources for students with learning disabilities to grow into successful, independent adults. 

Students with learning disabilities make up the largest group of children receiving special education services and many more are not eligible for services or not identified. Educators must have better training and resources to identify and support learners with learning disabilities so they can grow into successful, independent adults. Professionals such as psychologists, doctors, service providers, and other evaluators must have better training and resources for better identification and evidence-based interventions related to all categories of learning disabilities to give more individuals with learning disabilities the opportunity to grow into successful, independent adults. 

When we established our 2020 theme related to Building Connections, we had no idea how much extra need there would be for connections this year! 2020 may have been a year of social distance and, for some, intense isolation, but all of us at LDA have kept working hard to ensure that you have the resources and information you need to build connections and stay connected with information and resources for research, education, advocacy, and public policy information related to learning disabilities. You have not been alone because #LDAworksforyou. 

This issue of LDA Today takes a look back at 2020 and highlights achievements and resources from our work with research, education, advocacy, and public policy. First, LDA’s current President, Monica McHale-Small shares some reflections from her first year and looks to the future for LDA. As she explains, this year, we have reached thousands of individuals around the country this year, many of whom have been surprised that we are continuing our hard work of advocating on behalf of individuals with learning disabilities and their families. The pandemic has not held us back, and we’ve outlined highlights for you as this issue. Which parts most stand out to you? Which resources are you most grateful for? What do you have questions about? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at editor@ldaamerica.org or share your thoughts or questions on social media with #LDAToday.  

Did you know that as of today, we have 30,000 readers of LDA Today? We are so glad you are here!!! We hope you continue to REAP many benefits from our work, and if you do, please consider becoming a member today if you are not already.  Currently, our membership is around 6% of you awesome readers. Check out what we were able to accomplish in 2020, and then just imagine what we could accomplish for individuals with learning disabilities if that number was 10%. We are definitely #strongertogether!

Thank you for staying connected with LDA, and we look forward to working for you further in 2021!

– Amy Barto, M.Ed., LDA Today Editor