Learning Disabilities Summit, a three part virtual event focused on critical learning disability issues

For close to 60 years, the Learning Disabilities Association of America has been educating, advocating and supporting on behalf of all individuals with learning disabilities, including many who are today described as having dyslexia. LDA’s advocacy was instrumental to the inclusion of Specific Learning Disabilities as one of the 13 disability classifications included in the federal law now known as IDEA.

IDEA  was last reauthorized in 2004, almost 20 years ago. As LDA prepares for the eventual reauthorization of the federal law that has created educational opportunity for so many individuals with learning disabilities, we recognize the urgent need to get the best information available to policy makers, educators, professionals, and researchers.  

To this end, LDA will be hosting a three-part virtual summit focused on these critical issues: What are learning disabilities; Intervention for students with learning disabilities: What does the research say?; How do we diagnose LD? LDA has worked with our Professional Advisory Board, to identify speakers  who will offer the most current, research informed thinking on these important topics. Several notable  scholars, policymakers and school leaders have already made a commitment to participate in this three part summit. 

These presentations will be recorded, and available to watch at a later date.

October 11

The LD Construct: What are Learning Disabilities?

Speakers: Dr. Lauren McGrath, Dr. Hugh Catts, Dr. Lee Swanson

Discussant: Dr. Scott Decker

October 25

What are the Evidenced-Based Interventions for Learning Disabilities?

Speakers: Dr. Douglas Fuchs, Dr. Lynn Fuchs, Dr. Marcia Barnes, Dr. Michael Coyne

Discussant: Dr. D.J. Bolger

November 4

How do we Diagnose Learning Disabilities?

Speakers: Dr. Dawn Flanagan, Dr. Tuire Koponen, Dr. Rick Wagner, Dr. Molly Colvin

Discussant: Dr. Joel Schneider