LDA Responds to Houston Chronicle Investigation

In response to the article, Denied: How Texas Keeps Tens of Thousands of Children out of Special Education (Houston Chronicle, Sept. 11, 2016), the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is expressing concerns about the harmful implications of placing a cap of 8.5 percent on the number of students identified as needing special education in Texas. LDA’s concern includes the delay or denial of referral and evaluation for students suspected of having disabilities and requiring special education.

Read the LDA Press Release and other Documents Here.

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  1. As a mom of four children with disabilities, this cap has been immensely harmful to my family. Although my eldest child was grudgingly transferred in with his multiple eligibilities – including autism, cerebral palsy, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia – we have argued for 5 years to have his learning disabilities or cerebral palsy officially acknowledged in his IEP. His younger siblings have been even more unfortunate. Although both of his brothers qualified for Early Childhood Intervention, neither was accepted into Special Education at age 3. Their district denied them services despite one having suffered a stroke; one having autism; and both suffering a chromosomal condition with seizures, cognitive deterioration, & learning difficulties as known consequences. We have been forced to hire an advocate and engage in an epic, months- and years-long battles in order to obtain appropriate services. Even now, when we have completed some qualifying battles, we remain in the midst of two Independent Educational Evaluations and one formal Mediation, with more expected. This has been tragic for my children and for our entire family. The fight for services has consumed untold hours, and our district has wasted tens of thousands of dollars fighting (unsuccessfully) to disqualify our children. We never wanted it to become adversarial – we only wanted the appropriate help for our children. Meanwhile, our children have lost YEARS of appropriate educational intervention – years of learning that can’t be reclaimed.

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