The Learning Disabilities Association of America is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with EmpathED. EmpathED empowers schools to support their students with Learning Disabilities and Other Health Impairments by training educators with immersive experiences and visual media. The partnership is a natural fit as both organizations are driven to educate and advocate. 

Although anyone will reap the benefits of experiencing the EmpathED courses, the platform was originally designed for both current and pre-service general education teachers. Two thirds of Special Education students spend 80% of their day in general education classrooms, and teacher training has not kept pace with the inclusive landscape in education. 

EmpathED content is informed by education researchers, psychologists, educators and people with Learning Disabilities and Other Health Impairments. The short form, bite sized learning provides scientific background knowledge, expert interviews, tactical tips for the classroom, and offers student perspective through interviews and Virtual Reality. The immersive experiences put educators in the seat of the student so they may navigate the space and experience how a student might FEEL.

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Kirsten Bronkovic 

Chief Empath Officer