Improving Learning Disabilities Evaluation and Intervention: Current Research, Practice, Controversies, and Recommendations

Join us Thursday, January 21st to Sunday, January 24th

During our Science to Practice (S2P) virtual conference, participants will hear from leading researchers and scholars in the fields of learning disabilities, special education, school psychology, neuropsychology, and speech-language pathology. Topics include learning disabilities in reading, math, and oral and written language, nonverbal learning disability, learning disabilities in gifted and talented individuals, tele-assessment of learning disabilities, differential diagnosis and differentiated instruction, assessment for intervention, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological approaches to learning disability assessment and intervention, and much more.

S2P is designed for school psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech and language pathologists, researchers, special educators, and other professionals involved in identifying and diagnosing learning disabilities, and intervening with individuals with learning disabilities.

January 15th is the last day to register for S2P!

See our speakers talk about S2P and why you should attend!

LDA President Monica McHale-Small explains how our S2P Conference gives you the most current knowledge you need to best serve your clients and students.

Still on the fence about attending our Science to Practice Conference? Hear speakers Elaine Fletcher-Janzen and Nancy Mather talk about why they decided to speak at S2P…and why they want to see you there!

Dr. Vincent Alfonso and Dr. Dawn Flanagan discuss the origin story of LDA’s Inaugural Science to Practice Conference, and go over the significance of a conference devoted entirely to learning disabilities.