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If you can believe it, it’s already week four of LD Month! We’re grateful for everyone who was able to join us to get the word out about learning disabilities this month.

During this last week, we’re focusing on advocacy. Whether you’re advocating for yourself or others, we have resources to guide you.

Also, don’t miss our mental health and learning disabilities webinar this Monday at 5pm EST. If you can’t join us at 5pm, the webinar will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be sent out to all registrants.

Thank you for joining us for another LD Month!

10/25 Monday:

10/26 Tuesday:

10/27 Wednesday:

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10/29 Friday:

10/30 Saturday:

Thank you for joining us for LD Month! If you’ve found our resources, webinars, and podcasts useful, consider becoming an LDA Member or making a donation!