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KimberlySpireOhI have recently been on a campaign to get attention to the problems with current school choice policies and proposals for expansion of privatization of schools. It started out as a simple op-ed in The Palm Beach Post. This led to conversations with reporters from The New York Times and National Public Radio (NPR). I also found a general inquiry for someone to talk to EdWeek about the subject.

Although I wasn’t directly quoted in the articles included here, I was able to give them extensive information, including legal background on the issues surrounding school choice policies and current proposals for expansion of privatization of schools. These articles feature several stories and provide a great way to advocate in this area.

New York Times: Special Ed School Vouchers and the Burden of a ‘Simple Fix’

New York Times: Special Ed School Vouchers May Come With Hidden Costs

Education Week: Parents See Benefits in Spec. Ed. Vouchers, But No Silver Bullet


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