Arlene C. Stewart, Ed.D.
Arlene C. Stewart, Ed.D.



I am currently a college student who has a learning disability but am not sure what the name of my learning disability is. All I know is that I’m allowed extra time for tests. Is there any way you guys can help me figure out what my learning disability is?


A good beginning is to review your latest full psychological report.  The disability services office at your college most likely has a copy of that report since you are receiving services typically available only to students who have presented current documentation. If you or the college do not have the report, the person who tested you may be able to help. That person could have been a school psychologist if you were in the public school system. 

A representative in the disability services office on your campus should be able to sit down with you to review the report. Frequently reports do not name the specific type of learning disability but instead discuss the impact of the findings on academic performance. Information about how you receive, store and process information is the most helpful for the disability services staff person. They can review available options with you and then give you access to the tools that will reduce the impact of the learning issues. 

Either your college disability service or the person (or school) who tested you should be able to give you a copy of your psychological report. Be aware that you may have to make the request in writing.

If you do not have a psychological educational report and would like more information on the learning disabilities assessment process please review the article Adult Learning Disabilities Assessment Process.

Arlene C. Stewart, Ed. D. | Director of Student Disability Services | Clemson University | Clemson, SC

Dr. Stewart is Director of Student Disability Services at Clemson University, Clemson, SC. She has worked in all levels of education with the majority of her work in the post-secondary area. A frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences, she is currently a member of LDAA’s Public Policy Committee and has been a LDA state president.