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by Anne Kornblet, Chairman, Early Childhood Committee
by Ann Kornblet, Chairman, Early Childhood Committee

Finally Congress and some state and local leaders are starting to understand the importance of early childhood education. Equal access to quality early childhood education is a different matter and certainly dependent on where young children live in this country and what their family’s economic situation is at present.

While Washington works through funding issues for early childhood education and hopefully gets promised dollars to the states, it is important for LDA members to work in their own state and community to improve access to quality childhood programs.

The LDA Early Childhood Committee is dedicated to helping its state and local affiliates support and educate parents, daycare providers, early childhood teachers and community/family support organizations in the importance of good early education, day care and early intervention.


The 2014 Early Childhood Committee has set the following goals with that commitment in mind:

  • Offer comprehensive resource guides for members showing national, state and local resources
  • Showcase state and community model early childhood programs
  • Foster awareness of developmental and pre-kindergarten readiness guidelines for parents, daycare centers and nursery schools.
  • Assist the LDA Public Policy Committee in monitoring legislation vital to producing school ready to learn students.
  • Build a LISTSERV® dedicated to early childhood issues, discussions and resources.

The committee will also produce articles for publication and for the LDA website.


Early Childhood Committee members are:

            Jeanne Asher, Oklahoma

            Meg Carroll, Illinois

            Doris Johnson, Advisor, Illinois

            Pat Kissire, Arkansas

            Jean Kueker, Texas

            Ann Kornblet, Chairman, Missouri

            Jo Ann LoRusso, Louisiana

            Joan Teach, Georgia

 Questions, comments on Early Childhood issues, and requests may be addressed to the Early Childhood Committee through the national LDA National Office.


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