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StarLooking for a memorable way to show thanks to your child’s favorite teacher?

Have a teacher that made an impact in your life that you would like to honor?

Each year LDA recognizes an outstanding educator of the year, named in honor of Sam Kirk, psychologist, scholar, humanitarian and pioneer in the field of learning disabilities.  Often, one teacher is just not enough.  We realize that there are thousands of exceptional teachers that need to be recognized and told how much we appreciate them and all of their hard work in helping our children succeed.   The challenges facing children and adults with learning disabilities in school today are greater than ever, as standards for students become higher and the need for appropriate education and services for individuals with learning disabilities becomes greater.  We need to support our teachers and applaud their great efforts in helping us to work through these challenges.

Please help LDA continue its important mission to advocate on behalf of children and adults with learning disabilities now and in the years to come while also showing your appreciation to a teacher that has touched your life either personally or through your children.

By making a contribution today, you will not only enable LDA to be one of the leading advocates for all individuals with learning disabilities, but you will enable us to continue to honor and show support to all of those great teachers out there that make a difference.  With your donation, we will honor your teacher by highlighting them on our Facebook page.

Please click here, then mark your donation in honor of, and put in the comments what you would like posted on social media about your honored teacher along with their name. We’ll take care of the rest.


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